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by Jeremy Hooper

P Tofurkymeals Feast-1We're closing up early today, so that this scribe can start tracing his hand to make a crappy centerpiece, inflating a pool float with glued-on eyes to simulate the Macy's parade experience (minus all the commercialism), and whipping up a few gravy cocktails (secret recipe: pour vodka in a gravy boat and serve) so that he can justify all of these endeavors.

Have a happy and highly caloric day, everyone!

And to ease you into Black Friday/the ensuing holiday season:

*Regular updates will resume Monday, 11/30. (if not sooner)*

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Your thoughts

You get Dave's star for those videos. I enjoyed immensely.

By the way, the gravy cocktails were a hit here, also!


Posted by: dave b | Nov 27, 2009 8:59:50 PM

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