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Addabbo: 2 a's, 2 d's, 2 b's, 1 o, and 0 $$ from us from here on out

by Jeremy Hooper

Disgusting attempt to justify the indefensible:

addabbo on marriage vote [YT]
(H/t: J.M.G.)

No, Senator, why should you let your feelings be known? After all, it's only the civil rights of your constituents that you have chosen to undermine, all in the name of majority tyranny. Why should you feel like any sort of explanation is in order?


**Oh, and as for his "so many Democrats voted against it" canard: There were only 8 out of 32 who went against the party. Ruben Diaz was always a known, as he is to the right of Anita Bryant's less-progressive cousin on this issue. But without Sen. Diaz, there were only 7 others. And without Addabbo, there would've only been six others (at least). So it's unbelievably disingenuous for him to hide behind a "so many Democrats" line. He could have been part of the 25 who stood for principle. Instead he chose to stand with a small fraction of his party, as well as the entire Republican caucus, in standing for the ignoble cause of discrimination.

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Your thoughts

Addabbo disputed that. “I don’t think there was any domino effect at all,” he said. “Even before I said no, these votes were determined.”

OK, how did he know those votes were determined? Had other wavering Democratic senators also heard that their peers' votes had been determined? Did they know it would fail before the voting started?

NOM spent $600K on this. Did any of those dollars hire lobbyists?

Posted by: Bose | Dec 4, 2009 5:01:19 PM

I think we need to continue to press every senator who voted no, regardless of party affiliation to state on the record (quality video, please!), why they voted the way they did.

I'm sure plenty of voters will be thrilled to hear in the 2010 campaign that he'll cheerfully vote according to what lobbyist organized phone campaigns told him! They'll also be thrilled to hear that he doesn't want to be a leader when he's out representing his constituents! And they'll be thrilled to hear that he thinks "equal rights for all" are had when over 1000 state rights are impossible, so that apparently he doesn't know state law either!

Way to go, Senator! You apparently are an uninformed sheep who doesn't know what you stand for! What a great person to have in state government! No wonder Albany is circling the toilet...

Posted by: Dave | Dec 7, 2009 1:03:57 PM

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