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Audio: Besen vs. brick wall

by Jeremy Hooper

Wayne Besen ably refutes uber homo-hostile radio show host Steve Malzberg (even if Malzberg's preconceived script prevented him from any sort of open mind or concessions well before Wayne ever even grabbed the mic):

(begins @ 20:47)

The Steve Malzberg Show-Dec. 9 '09

*Past Malzberg:
-The time he attacked the upcoming Sherlock Holmes film based on inaccurate information about the characters' sexualities

-The time he knocked Kerry Eleveld for simply acknowledging gay male creativity

-The time he followed Rush's lead in smearing both Barack Obama and acceptance in general

-The time he flat out lied in saying that no LGBT groups have spoken out against Ahmadinejad

-The time he and Bill O'Reilly renewed their memberships in the Gay Obsession Society

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Your thoughts

First off, what is a "la-VOH-ra-tory?" Idiot.

Second, I can't decide if he's wilfully ignorant, wilfully arrogant, or wilfully outraged. I think it's all three, honestly.

He makes it clear right at the beginning that he's trying to prove that his show isn't an echo chamber, but really this is just a more clever form of echo chamber. Have a guest on who disagrees with you, confront him with bizarre, out of context statements that nobody can defend, and voila! To your audience, you will have proven how depraved your opponents are.

Sadly, I think Mr. Besen's presence on this show does nothing to change the mind of anyone who would listen to this horseshit.

Posted by: DN | Dec 11, 2009 10:03:06 AM

Wow! Talk about spewing lies!! I noticed that he had no problem talking about the event where 14 year old are taught about fisting, etc. But he didn't play the so called "tapes" to prove that he didn't make it up.

Pure homophobia from this guy. If it was a straight couple doing kinky stuff, he wouldn't be so freaked out by it, but since it's two men - "ew!" There are plenty of straight couples that engage in anal sex, and probably some that even do fisting. (but they're straight, so it's ok for them).


Posted by: John in MN | Dec 11, 2009 10:41:46 AM

And Wayne is 100% right about those folks being non-GLSEN employees. Kevin has spoken out against some of the things that went down that day, and the people responsible were dealt with in varying ways. Check out Alvin's link (above) for more.

Steve Malzberg is one of the most overheated of all the talkers (who will only call our president "Barack Hussein Obama," spitting out in an obvious way). And on our issues, he seems to have some sort of personal vendetta. I've heard him completely fly off the handle more times than my ears care to remember.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Dec 11, 2009 10:47:25 AM

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