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Audio: What?! Gays want to get rid of DOMA? GET OUT!!

by Jeremy Hooper

The "pro-family" Christians have never met a marriage equality law that they wouldn't forcibly roll back with a tyrannical vote. But with a law like DOMA, which their side managed to install in order to foster inequality, they need only cite the fact that it passed "a long time ago" in order to justify its existence:

*Source: Domestic Partnerships Advance [FOF]

Yes, Ashley -- DOMA was passed "a long time ago." Just like even more dehumanizing laws were passed even longer ago. What's your point?

And yes, Matt, we fair-minded folk do want DOMA repealed. Obviously. Unapologetically. Some of us always knew it was inhumane policy, and some (like the man who once signed it into law) had to learn more about the matter and evolve their stances. But now we have a broad coalition who realizes that this discriminatory measure needs to go the same way as every great injustice to precede it. Injustices that you foster for a career.

Is it really a secret that our side's endgame has us with full civil equality in both state and federal law? Yes, we push for things like domestic partnership recognition, because the important thing is to get the rights that we can when, where, and while we can. Though our ultimate goal is to stop having to piece together our freedoms, as if they are some really stubborn jigsaw puzzle that must be quickly assembled before the far-right's indefatigable vacuum cleaner sucks them all up. We've made this clear. Nobody is ever going to "find out" this ultimate goal, because we are not hiding it!!!

It is the anti-gay side that is constantly hiding: Hiding their hypocrisy, militancy, and tactical talking points behind hollow accusations about the pro-fairness side's supposed deceit! The sooner they realize that this fight will never be over until they f***ing stop, the sooner we can come together and actually oh, I don't know -- DO SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY HELPS THIS UBER-TROUBLED WORLD!

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Your thoughts

"Marriage is between one man and one woman for purposes of Federal law"?! What the hell does that even mean?! And, I am sick and tired of folks calling committed gay couples "partners"! Why not try "spouses", instead, 'eh? By insisting on this nomenclature, I think that we have somewhat undermined ourselves in that regard because we've made it easier for them to think of us as "different" and not capable of being equal civilly, when compared to breeders.

And, to Matt-eo, anyone with even a slight knowledge of the 14th. amendment can clearly see that DOMA is unconstitutional! Why that fact is even an issue is baffling!

Posted by: Wade | Dec 18, 2009 12:25:27 PM

"A long time ago" ??? Maybe to a twelve year old fifteen years is a long time. "A long time ago" is not reason enough to subject some of us to suffer discrimination at the in the name of tradition.

Posted by: SammySeattle | Dec 18, 2009 2:30:38 PM

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