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'Declaration' of militi-pendence

by Jeremy Hooper

Yesterday we told you that the folks behind the so-called "Manhattan Declaration" invited Lou Sheldon, the leader of a SPLC-designated hate group, to sign on to their homo-hostile document. Now we'd like to turn your attention to two other men who have joined Maggie Gallagher, Focus on the Family president Jim Daly, FRC's Tony Perkins, and just about every other "pro-family" luminary in support.

First up: Signatory number 2:

Most Rev. Peter J. Akinola
Primate, Anglican Church of Nigeria (Abuja, Nigeria)

If you follow gay rights, the name is probably already familiar to you. But for those unaware of Mr. Akinola, let us give you a lil' taste:

Moreover, homosexuality is flagrant disobedience to God, which enables people to pervert God’s ordained sexual expression with the opposite sex. In this way, homosexuals have missed the mark; they have shown themselves to be trespassers of God’s divine laws.

AkinolaProtagonists of homosexuality try to elevate this aberration, beyond divine scrutiny, while church leaders, who are called to proclaim the undiluted word of God like the prophets of old, are unashamedly looking the other way.

The practice of homosexuality, in our understanding of scripture, is the enthronement of self-will and human weakness, and a rejection of God’s order and will. This cannot be treated with levity; otherwise the Church, and the God she preaches, will be badly deformed and diminished.

Homosexuality does violence to nature.
If those who are promoting this energy-sapping and unnecessary controversy were to be a little more spiritually sensitive; if they were to walk closely with the Lord and accept the authority of his word as revealed in scripture, they would not need to be persuaded about what is at stake. The acceptance of homosexuality and lesbianism as normal is the triumph of disobedience; the enthronement of human pride over the will of God. This lifestyle is a terrible violation of the harmony of the eco-system of which mankind is a part. As we are rightly concerned by the depletion of the ozone layer, so should we be concerned by the practice of homosexuality.
Homosexuality or lesbianism or bestiality is to us a form of slavery, and redemption from it is readily available through repentance and faith in the saving grace of our Lord, Jesus the Christ.

Yes, that's right: To Mr. Akinola, homosexuality should be compared to animal-shtupping and stopping gays is as crucial as protecting the ozone layer. Sorry we didn't warn you that the taste of Akinola we were giving you was so fully stuffed with razor blades.

Next up: Signatory number 73:

Most Rev. Emmanuel Musaba Kolini
Primate, Anglican Church of Rwanda (Kigali, Rwanda)

Lesser known than Mr. Akinola, but not less degrading. In fact, he has referred to homosexuality as "moral genocide":

Homosexuality moral genocide, says Kolini [New Times]

Guess the Manhattan Declaration drafters just forgot to put Kolini's "loving" language in their self-described manifesto. Right?

The thing is: We actually wish they would've let the rhetoric of Akinola, Kolini, and Lou Sheldon guide the pen a little more fully. Obviously the motivation is there, or else they wouldn't have invited these kinds of voices to publicly join the document. So if they want to release such a missive and invite such extremist voices to sign on to it, then it's time to lift the veil on the "protect marriage," code word-laden nonsense.

They should also add the names of Peter LaBarbera, Mike Heath, Brian Camenker, Scott Lively, and all of the other militant voices that the "mainstream" movement has by-and-large relegated to the "fringe" file. In many cases, these are voices who're most fully engaging in this so-called "culture war." And all-too-often, the "mainstream" groups scrape off the work of these other activists (most fully evidenced by the way the movement has used the Wirthlins, a family initially discovered and propagated by SPLC hate group MassResistance). So it's high time for Manhattan Declaration guiders like Robert George and Chuck Colson to give credit where it's due!

As we in the online community continue to vet this movement, it's becoming ever-more laughable to see how these folks pick and choose the connections they choose to honor/deny, based upon their needs/wants/desires at the specific time. But it's not funny "ha ha" -- it's funny "wretch wretch." It's time for them to drop the ruse and acknowledging the considerable heat that lights the fires of their anti-gay missions! Akinola, Kolini, and Sheldon are but three of many, many, many.

*Complete signatory list: Manhattan Declaration

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Your thoughts

Aside from the Manhattan Declaration (have Coburn, Ensign, Sanford and Stupak signed yet?) See this clip from RM Show (transcript not up yet).

It seems the President of Uganda and the legislator who introduced 'gay killing' bill are BOTH members of the Theocracy NOW AmuriKan FAMILY.


And Rick Warren is really chummy with them (is Obama??)

Posted by: LOrion | Dec 1, 2009 12:43:35 PM

It's really amazing to me that the world continues to listen to people who want you to believe that, without constant fear of eternal damnation, we'd all be gay homosexual incestuous pig rapists.
What goes on in these people's minds?!?!?

Posted by: Eric | Dec 1, 2009 7:40:40 PM

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