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Enough is enough: NOM is a lying Catholic front group that lies like lying liars

by Jeremy Hooper

The National Organization For Marriage's vicious anti-equality agenda is nothing short of deplorable. Obviously. In fact, the organization will undoubtedly go down as a blight on civil rights history, with "NOM" likely to become a shorthand reference to early 21st century anti-gay hostility in general. After all of the dehumanizing things they've done to us, the group deserves nothing less (and probably much more).

But in D.C., NOM's attacks on marriage equality almost pale in comparison to their nonstop attempts to make the pro-fairness Council members look like militant anti-religious bigots. An example? Well here, this is how Brian Brown begins his latest NOM email:

Dear ,

I've heard from many of you who were shocked and simply appalled at the anti-religious bigotry shown by supporters of same-sex marriage in the DC Council debate over same-sex marriage.

Unfortunately, that isn't even the worst of it. The Council's treatment of representatives from the Catholic Church, expressing concerns that it would be forced to choose between its charitable work and its religious convictions, has been nothing short of shameful. Several members of the Council are nearly giddy at the chance to punish the Catholic Church -- and religious believers of all stripes -- by passing a same-sex marriage bill.

The problem: It is a COMPLETE AND UTTER LIE. The Council, while doing their job of presenting the facts, has been NOTHING BUT RESPECTFUL to the church! In fact, as we've shown you on a few occasions, Catholic Charities President and CEO Ed Orzechowski was even forced to acknowledge what a good friend marriage bill sponsor (and openly gay man) David Catania has been to the Catholic church:

Catholic Charities faces David Catania, at DC gay marriage hearing [Metro Weekly via YT]

The problem is that NOM defines "respect" in terms of how fully the Council accepts the church's right to discriminate. And since the Council (or any fair-minded civil body) isn't going to allow a publicly-funded operation to treat certain groups unfairly, Brian Brown isn't going to treat the discourse with any sort of fairness or respect. NOM readied its "GAY MARRIAGE ADVOCATES HATE THE VATICAN!" script well before the debate even began!

But wait, there's more! Brian Brown goes on to say of Councilmember Tommy Wells:

The anti-religious bigotry on display in DC is reaching the point of the absurd. Earlier this week, Councilmember Tommy Wells wrote an open letter to U.S. Senator Dick Durbin urging him to use his position as committee chair to block educational vouchers for poor kids in DC.


Because some of the kids are using the vouchers to go to Catholic schools -- and the Catholic church opposes same-sex marriage.

But again, the truth has little to nothing to do with Brian's assessment. Because (1) the letter came not only from Cuncilmember Wells, but also from Lisa Raymond, the current President of the District of Columbia State Board of Education; (2) The letter detailed a number of problems with the school voucher problem; and (3) The problems in terms of same-sex marriage are not because kids choose to go to Catholic schools or even because of marriage itself -- they are due to the Catholic schools' wishes to accept public monies while fully intending to violate District policy by discriminating against LGBT people! Read the letter for yourself right here.

The bottom line: NOM is using this Christmas season to foment hostility. Even though the council is made up of people from all faith backgrounds and outlooks, NOM has taken it upon themselves to mindlessly brand the eleven who voted in favor of fairness as faithless, at best, and faith-hostile, at worst. Brian Brown, Maggie Gallagher, Robbie George, and the rest of the NOMMers are not only trying to stop basic civil fairness -- they are deliberately trying to turn Catholics against gays and progressives, regardless of the facts at hand. It's about as shameful (and as militant) as you can get!

**Brian Brown's full email. Oh, be sure to note the praise for the four-time-married Marion Barry:


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Your thoughts

I agree with you whole heartedly! Nom as well as Focus on the Family and similar groups will be seen as the bigoted, narrow minded individuals they are. The truth is THERE IS NO WORDING that Nom and The Catholic Church etc., will accept. They don't want equality at all. I applaud David Catania, as I do Tom Duane here in my home State of NY. Nom is doing nothing but twist every mention or passage of Gay marriage into a hateful " Gays and their supporters are against God" war cry. It isn't The council who threatens to cut off aid to the poor. Unfortuately many believe what they see written without ever questioning the facts. My mom always told me " Paper holds whatever you write on it". Sadly this is true not only for newspapers, but for word twisting,manipulative organizations like NOM who wish to further the lack of equality for all.


Posted by: Stone | Dec 4, 2009 12:03:41 PM

Wow, not much I can add to @TweetwithStone's response. I agree 100% with both of you. NOM is a hate organisation, pure and simple. And the RCC should be ashamed to call themselves Christians. I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't teach that you only help heterosexuals. Meh.

Posted by: outoutout | Dec 4, 2009 6:01:06 PM

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