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Live from New York: It's finally gonna happen?! (SEE UPDATES)

by Jeremy Hooper

We just heard NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn say that she's getting on a train to Albany. And since she's one busy, connected lesbian who's not likely to waste a Tuesday night on yet another non-start, we're pretty damn well convinced that a marriage equality vote is going to come up tonight in the NY Senate!

When the fun begins (around 9PM), you'll be able to watch it all here. Fingers crossed, kidrens:

**UPDATE: I'm pretty sure I just heard the video pop on and say that the Senate is adjourning until tomorrow morning at 10AM. Did anyone else hear it, or am I hallucinating (which are not necessarily independent notions, btw)?

**UPDATE2: Yep, I heard correctly. 10 AM tomorrow. Blue balls yet again.

**UPDATE: 12/2: Well, they took it up and it bit it. Hard. Here's archived audio, and here's the disgusting roll call vote.

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Your thoughts

I'm shocked! politicans kicking the can down the road because they don't have the (blue) balls to take a stand one way or the other?

Posted by: Eric | Dec 1, 2009 9:22:38 PM

What is one more day? The suspense is kind of like foreplay, just hope for a grande finale!

Posted by: Suzanne | Dec 2, 2009 1:26:13 AM

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