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Protect the NY children -- from punctuation indoctrination

by Jeremy Hooper

NYFRF, the sister group of the anti-gay New Yorkers For Constitutional Freedom, was active in yesterday's ignoble marriage vote. But from the looks of all of their official documentation, it's the protection of accurate possessive pluralization that they really should be working to "protect":

Screen Shot 2009-12-03 At 4.09.28 Pm-1
Screen Shot 2009-12-03 At 4.22.22 PmScreen Shot 2009-12-03 At 4.09.22 Pm-1
Screen Shot 2009-12-03 At 4.21.26 Pm

Unless, of course, they are in business to serve only one particular New York resident. Or, perhaps, they are out to be The New Yorker magazine's official family research foundation. Otherwise, they might want to move that little apostrophe after the "s". We wouldn't want people to think that they slept through both their civil rights and punctuation lessons.

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Your thoughts

Jeremy - just shows what cretins are running these anti-gay operations.

Posted by: tom2600 | Dec 3, 2009 4:49:17 PM

JH, you're assuming that they got any of their education from non-parochial (or god forbid, accredited) institutions... or even that they finished grammar (no pun) school... Do you think that they know what a pun is?

Posted by: Dick Mills | Dec 3, 2009 6:07:10 PM

But wait! There's more!
"...our sister ministry which influences legislation..."
NEVER use "which" unless it begins a clause separated by commas!!!!
Otherwise, use "that."

Posted by: Jimmy Y | Dec 3, 2009 6:47:33 PM

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