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Sen. Cardinale: No to voting on teeth, yes to voting on ring fingers

by Jeremy Hooper

At yesterday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Republican Senator Gerald Cardinale was the voice of overheated homo-hostility. He was also the strongest advocate for putting the marriage question before "the people" in a referendum, proposing a failed amendment that would've done the same. So in a nutshell: Sen. Cardinale thinks that a simple majority vote is sufficient "expertise" when it comes to determining a minority population's legal status.

Which is why we find this 22+ year-old article so damn interesting:

ADA News -- August 3, 1987

Okay, so let's process this for a second. Every single credible health organization supports homosexuality as being a natural part of human order. An ever-growing number of these same organizations support full marriage equality. That's because these trained professionals have studied the human condition, and they understand that biology is far more complex than the social conservatives make it out to be.

So back when New Jersey was debating the possibility of initiative and referendum process, Sen. Cardinale stepped in and tried to limit its usage so that "the people," being made up of a diverse population of laypeople, could not unfairly affect crucial matters of import pertaining to human health. He saw a need, based on his own professional background as a dentist, to mold the I&R process in this fashion. He rightly realized that majority "yays" do not necessarily equal accuracy.

But now, when the question is 100% about human well-being, the senator is ALL KINDS OF ABOUT putting the matter to the voters:


Sorry, Senator, but our gay lives (which Cardinale also discredited as both a "lifestyle" and a "path" on which kids could be led down) deserve to be just as immune from public rebuke as any potential bill seeking to limit teeth whitening, root canals, or any other dental practice! When it comes to LGBT lives and loves, the credible medical jury pool is not out! SO STOP SUGGESTING THAT A JURY OF OUR PEERS SHOULD BE THE BODY TO DECIDE OUR CIVIL RIGHTS!

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Your thoughts

I read here every day and rarely post, but I support when I can and it just some days makes me literally cry and the hostility that men hold in their hearts.

I grew up a christian, pentecostal christian even, and if my parents, as believing as they are, can embrace me and not condemn me - then why cant these people?

I think the best campaign we could offer is to make friends with everyone of these politicians that is so adamantly anti-gay, as that is really the only thing that can possibly change their hearts.

Until the day when we rise up and rebuke the whole "taxation without representation" bologna that is present currently, these people will work of our money, to continue to restrict our lives.

Posted by: Vaughn | Dec 8, 2009 11:14:30 AM

My favorite part was when the person testifying had to incredulously ask Sen. Cardinale, "Senator, are you calling me a liar?"

Posted by: Timothy Kincaid | Dec 8, 2009 12:31:08 PM

That moment was truly unbelievable, TK!

Posted by: G-A-Y | Dec 8, 2009 12:35:04 PM

This so needs to be a TV spot.

Posted by: Dave | Dec 8, 2009 1:01:32 PM

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