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Sonja's kitchen cabinet is PAC-ed; unfortunately, the canned goods have botched-lies-ism

by Jeremy Hooper

Sonja-Eddings-BrownSonja Eddings Brown was a major voice in the unprincipled Prop 8 push. And now, like so many opportunistic anti-equality voices to come before her, Sonja is hoping to take her local efforts to the national level. That is, after all, where the Chri$tian $ervice opportunitie$ lie.

Right now, Focus on the Family is running a big story on Sonja's new efforts. However, if the House of Dobson is going to help Sonja take her newly launched "KitchenCabinetPAC" to the next level, then they might want to tell her to Focus on the Faulty. For under the "want to be an expert?" heading on her group's website, Sonja has written the following about the current lay of America's marriage equality landscape:

The only states where gay marriage remains legal in the U.S are Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont and Hawaii. The State of New Hampshire plans to allow gay marriages on January 1st, 2010. The issue also continues to percolate in two other states, New York and Pennsylvania.
Want To Be An Expert? [KitchenCabinetPAC]

Hawaii? Not a marriage equality state.

Connecticut? Totally is!

Plus New Hampshire equality is already a done deal, it iust hasn't begun yet. The "plan" has been implemented, if not enacted.

And what about New Jersey, where we're on the cusp of possible legalization, or D.C., where even pessimistic activists feel somewhat confident in counting their "I do"-spouting chickens?

If you're going to suggest that your text will make one an "expert," Sonja, then you might want to get your most basic facts right. If not, your "Kitchen Cabinet" is going to look more like a compost bin.

**Sonja's full marriage "expertise"

Want To Become An Expert?


One of the most remarkable initiative challenges of the 21st Century has been the legalization of gay marriage in the United States. Thirty-one states in America have brought the issue to the ballot, and thirty-one times voters have rejected legalization of gay marriage. A total of 44 states have placed either constitutional amendments or other statutes on the books upholding traditional marriage.

Still, gay activists push, arguing that the institution of marriage is a civil right not a sacred institution. The latest battleground was the State of Maine in 2009. Following the precedents set in Massachusetts and Iowa, the Maine State Legislature legalized gay marriage earlier this year. The people responded by putting the issue on the ballot. A very organized gay coalition fought hard. After months of contentious public debate, Maine residents voted to reject gay marriage by a 53%-47% margin. The only states where gay marriage remains legal in the U.S are Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont and Hawaii. The State of New Hampshire plans to allow gay marriages on January 1st, 2010. The issue also continues to percolate in two other states, New York and Pennsylvania.

What women need to know about the challenge to America’s fundamental laws of marriage, is that gay activists don’t just wish to simply “redefine” the word marriage to include gay unions, they wish to remove the words “between a man and a woman” from national and state statutes. Erasing those simple words redefines marriage for everyone, not just for gay couples. The absence of those words especially affect children, who most agree, are also shareholders in marriage.

In states where gay marriage has been legalized, like Massachusetts for instance, gay activists have used the law as a pathway to introduce gay education into elementary schools. Story books featuring princes marrying princes have been introduced during 2nd grade story time sessions. Kindergarteners have received goody bags with information and stories about gay life. One of the most amazing examples of over-stepping by gay activists occurred last year in Oakland, California. In the Hayward Unified School District, a kindergarten teacher passed out “pledge cards” to her class of five year olds requiring them to sign their names pledging support to “gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender” adults. Painfully obvious when examining one of the cards is that five year olds were not only too young to understand the subject, but they were barely old enough to scrawl their names on the cards.

This classroom exercise was conducted as part of “Coming Out Week” at the school, violating every right of public school parents for notice and consent, and violating the rights of the kindergarteners….to be kids.

Repeated polling in the United States has demonstrated that Americans do not wish to hurt anyone. The majority of Americans actually support provisions in the law which extend all compassionate rights, economic rights, and indeed, equal rights to gay couples. Americans simply want the cherished definition of marriage to be preserved in modern times with the same distinctions and sacred rights acknowledged for thousands of years.

The next stage for this cultural battle? The federal courts in California where leading constitutional lawyers David Boies and Ted Olson, known for facing off during Bush vs. Gore in 2000, will challenge California’s constitutional amendment on the grounds of discrimination.
Also on the table is The Defense of Marriage Act, passed by Congress during the Clinton administration. DOMA authorizes states to enact legislation withholding recognition of same sex marriages performed in other states. Gay advocates are insisting President Obama lead the way and encourage Congress to overturn this law. The President is hopelessly wedged between wealthy gay donors who vigorously supported his election, and the firm opposition of gay marriage from the African American community.

Women who understand that traditional marriage is the bedrock of this country, need to be ready to organize so that their conservative voices can be heard on this crucial issue. It is also important to seek candidates who will stand up for marriage and other cherished traditions of America. Fortunately, thanks to huge wins by traditional voters in California, Maine, Arizona, and Florida, many pro-marriage candidates are coming forward. Fair-minded Americans do not oppose extending rights to gay and lesbian couples. They oppose rewriting the history of the world.
What would be helpful in the discussion of gay sexuality in our culture, is more information. Families everywhere are confronting the issue. Therapists, educators, government officials, doctors and clergymen need information and want to have a better understanding of gay life. Hopefully, that constructive step is not far away.

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Your thoughts

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Posted by: LdChino | Dec 9, 2009 10:35:53 AM

They don't mind civil unions? Yeah, we've heard that lie MANY times!

They want more information? How much more information needs to be created for them? There is so much information that repudiates the vast majority of their talking points, yet they still want more? Oh, I get it...let's keep asking for information and maybe they'll give up. Sort of like a lawyer burying their opponent with legal motions. Give it up, honey...we aren't going away and we aren't giving up until we're treated EQUALLY.

Posted by: Ken | Dec 9, 2009 12:30:42 PM

How about sending them a copy of our U.S. Constitution and point out the 14th Amendment and the 4th Clause to them and see them wiggle their way out of that.

Posted by: Mykelb | Dec 9, 2009 2:48:57 PM

This is so completely and utterly full of lies and misleading statements that I hardly know where to begin. The stupid. It burns.

Although actually, I think it would be great if they would try and understand gay life. Any conservative that wants to better understand gay life is absolutely welcome to a free week of room and board in our extra bedroom.

*Leaders of conservative PACs encouraged to apply.
*Warning*: Week may or may not consist entirely of watching me sit in front of a computer pretending to write my dissertation.

Posted by: twilley | Dec 9, 2009 3:17:48 PM

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