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FRC to 'WaPo': How dare you make note of Hunt's anti-gay actuality?! SMEAR! SMEAR! SMEAR!

by Jeremy Hooper

Steve-HuntWhile serving as an at-large member of the Fairfax County (VA) School Board in 2005, Steve Hunt sent his fellow members a letter that included these passages:

This is the perception provided by one side of the discussion. The facts show that homosexuality results in a very destructive life style. The life expectancy of an homosexual man is in the 40’s as compared to the heterosexual male whose life expectancy is in the 70’s (this is excluding the impact of AIDS which results in an even lower life expectancy). This is a greater detrimental impact on life expectancy than smoking. The homosexual life style often includes drug and alcohol abuse, physical abuse (usually from within the community as opposed to as a result of a “hate crime”) and suicide. If one were to hate homosexuals then why would one attempt to preclude them from this self-destructive path? If you truly hate someone, then you would be much more inclined to let him destroy himself. If you did not care about people in the homosexual lifestyle, then you would do nothing. It is the great concern and love for others that motivates people to attempt to prevent people from taking that destructive path in life. Students should be taught to respect the rights of others, but also that one does not have to accept the ideas of another in order to respect them.

Children are being taught that homosexuality is normal and natural. It is neither. The homosexual community has admitted that the often stated 10% was an unsubstantiated and made up number. At the time the 10% number was being repeated, the actual number was approximately 2% of population were homosexual. Now, after years of homosexual activism, the number is still between 3 and 4%. In a conference that I attended on the subject, a psychologist stated that, in spite of all of the claims that it is normal, there is no normal childhood developmental model that results in homosexuality. This stuck me as very significant. If such a model did exist, it would certainly be part of the rhetoric. Regarding it being natural, all one has to do is look at the anatomy of the human body to see that it is contrary to the naturally designed functions of the human body. Even most homosexual community activists have ceased to claim that people are born homosexual, but now claim that people become homosexual by imprinting during early childhood development. To state that it is normal or natural is to promote the myth that accompanies the homosexual activist rhetoric. To stand by silently and allow the myth to persist is to enable it and to allow children to make decisions based on faulty information.
My challenge to you is to ensure that the students are presented with all of the facts and the spectrum of perspectives. I know that many schools in Fairfax County have brought in guest speakers to talk about homosexual and transgender issues. It is my understanding that these have been speakers that have spoken in favor of the homosexual life style. The remaining viewpoints have been missing from the discussion. Allowing students to make decisions based after hearing only one side of an issue is more indoctrination than discourse.

There is a local group called Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX at www.pfox.org). Regina Griggs is the PFOX Executive Director and can be reached at [email protected] or 703-360-2225. She has offered to speak or provide speakers from the Ex-Gay perspective. As you might imagine, her perspective is one of great love and concern since she has people very close to her that are living in the homosexual lifestyle.

There is balanced literature such as “Respect and the Facts” that is published by the NEA Ex-Gay Educators Caucus. It is available online at http://www.nea-exgay.org. I have also enclosed a pamphlet by Concerned Women of America that provides facts regarding homosexuality. These types of materials should be available to teachers, guidance counselors and the students. Anything less would be discriminatory, and would deny educators and students all of the factual resources necessary in a fact- based learning environment.

There is also a video that is entitled “It’s Not Gay.” It is only 28 minutes long and portrays much of the truth about the homosexual lifestyle. The video is primarily narrated by ex-homosexuals. Even though one of those in the video has returned to the homosexual life style, I still believe that it provides a valid perspective of the issue. It discusses the reality as opposed to the “Will and Grace” version of homosexuality. It is my plan to try to get one to you. If I succeed, I hope that you will watch it and then share it with your staff. Some sections may not be appropriate for your students, but I hope that the appropriate sections would be shown to the students in your school.

Hunt's full letter [via FRC]

For this egregious misuse of paper (and "Will & Grace" references), the school board strongly rebuked Hunt. Then eventually, Hunt lost his seat. Understandably (and thankfully) so.

Now fast forward to 2010. Hunt is facing off against Democrat Dave Marsden to fill the Virginia state Senate seat that was vacated by Attorney General-elect Ken Cuccinelli II. The Washington Post, not being big fans of unabashedly anti-gay folks who use Paul Cameron's discredited research, have not only endorsed Marsden over Hunt -- they have also made reference to Hunt's anti-gay views. Because they should. It's their role as a newspaper to inform voters of such things. (Read WaPo endorsement here).

But leave it to the Family Research Council to take WaPo's simple acknowledgement of unfortunate reality and turn it into something unsavory. A "smear," in fact:

On Monday the Post endorsed the Democratic candidate for the Virginia Senate seat vacated by Attorney General-elect Ken Cuccinelli. No news there. But in the process the editors took the opportunity unfairly to smear the other candidate, Steve Hunt, a Republican who previously served on the Fairfax County School Board. The vote is January 12th.
KEEP READING: Wash Post Editors Smear Candidate for His Conservatism [FRC blog]

The FRC writer, Cathy Ruse, goes on to call Hunt's '05 letter "unquestionably respectful," and says that the Hunt letter was merely designed to inform school officials "about a resource of which they might otherwise not have been aware." Uh huh. That "resource" being the forced conversion of gay folks, and that "unquestionable respect" involving the denial that homosexuality is either "natural" or "normal." Right, Cathy. You really nailed this one.

The truth: Hunt sent a letter that is beyond the pale to even many social conservatives. It is errant, deeply offensive, and steeped in the kind of aggressive ignorance that's so thoroughly damaged both religion and politics in the nation. We realize this. Virgina voters realized this when they voted Hunt out of his school baord seat. WaPo realizes this. And honestly: We'd bet that FRC realizes this as well, they just want to change the conversation. Which is exactly why we have a "pro-family" group yet again accusing that big, bad, scary "liberal media®" of smearing their side, even though it is their team who has and continues to smear millions of LGBT people and their loved ones/friends/allies! It's of course not surprising that they've done this, since the Family Research Council cares abut accurate assessments about as much as they concern themselves with whether or not Cher will launch another comeback tour. But the reliability of their myopia doesn't make it any less eye-opening. Or disturbing.

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Your thoughts

40 year life expectancy? Box Turtule Bulletin needs to give this man a Certified Cameronite Award.

Posted by: Christopher Eberz | Jan 6, 2010 2:29:59 PM

Another reason I moved from VA to DC. The people who run for office and win, are often of Mr. Hunt's ilk. I decided 5 years ago, when they added that 1 man 1 woman marriage amendment to the State Constitution, that I would no longer give a state my income tax just to have it turn around and legislate against me and my family. Screw Virginia, and I hope that everyone in Hunt's district knows how much he bears false witness against his neighbors.

Posted by: Mykelb | Jan 7, 2010 12:56:11 AM

If our life-expectancy was truly 40 years, and we were in fact 4% of the population, that would mean that we actually account for 8% to 10% of the 35 and under population. And, I presume that is just MSM he is talking about, so adding in the FSF population, we must be close to 20% to 25% of the under 35 citizenry.

See! I can pull statistics out of my ass too! Just like the lying liars do! And, mine are equally as credible as (and entirely based on) the "facts" that the lying liars base their compounded lies on. And, even more than that, my fictitious statistics could only be possible because they first fabricated and promulgated theirs. They just need one liar to fabricate a lie, and then they can build their entire fraudulent thesis around it.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jan 7, 2010 2:28:58 AM

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