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MIller/Jenkins ruling: Not determinate on whether Lisa could squeeze it in her schedule!

by Jeremy Hooper

A teeth cleaning. A meeting with a realtor. A flu shot. A meeting with one's shrink to discuss the constant anti-gay attacks that come from the religious right.

These are all examples of appointments. Meetings agreed upon by both parties in order to accomplish some sort of goal. But you know what's really NOT an "appointment"? A COURT ORDER TO HAND OVER CUSTODY OF A HUMAN BEING!

Yet "appointment" is exactly the word Focus on the Family has used to describe the Lisa Miller/Janet Jenkins case, and Miller's ultimate failure to comply with the court order:

Lisa Miller of Virginia had been ordered by a Vermont judge to hand over her daughter to former lesbian partner Janet Jenkins on Jan. 1.

Miller did not show up for the appointment.

Christian Mom Does Not Relinquish Daughter to Former Lesbian Partner [CitizenLink]

Think about it for a second. If it were Jenkins who chose to go on the lam with young Isabella, would FOF be describing the the action as little more than a "missed appointment"? NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT! They'd be calling on authorities to arrest Jenkins, and using the unfathomable breach of court order as a representation of gays' supposedly self-interest-motivated actions. Jenkins would be painted as a kidnapper who they'd undoubtedly say is threatening young Isabella (which they say already, even though Jenkins has fully complied with the law). Lisa-Miller-Janet-JenkinsYet because this is "ex-lesbian" Lisa who has gone into hiding with her and Jenkins' daughter, the supposedly "pro-family" evangelicals act as if Miller has done little more than miss a doctor's appointment. They completely gloss over the severity of this matter. Since they don't like the court order, they pretend it is a mere suggestion, and not a legally-binding decision.

Isabella Jenkins is basically a missing child at this point. I don't care what ideology or political party you follow: The whereabouts of this child and the opinion of the Vermont court are what should be of interest. if one wants to protest Jenkins' supposed "immorality" and advocate against same-sex partnerships and adoptions, then that's their karma. But nobody has the right to regard this country's judiciary as a band of pundits whose thoughts are suggestions rather than lawful determinations! And no anti-gay group has the power to turn a court order into a mere "appointment," simply because they personally think God's gavel would make a different determination!


**ALSO: One point that has been conveniently overlooked by the anti-gay side: That in the past, Lisa had requested and accepted child support from Jenkins! Ironically, one of the few to mention this point is conservative columnist Michael Medved:

"Yes, Lisa Miller harmed her own standing when she defied court orders to provide access to her daughter, and she perhaps fatally undermined her case in her initial request for dissolution of her civil union when she requested child support from her former partner."
-Michael Medved via TownHall

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Your thoughts

Someone should inform FOF that child abduction (even by a parent) is a serious crime, as is aiding-and-abetting. The one thing that I (personally) hope for out of this tragic situation is that Barber (I'm hoping he is assisting the kidnapper) and his ample derrière, end up doing some serious jail time as well.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jan 6, 2010 11:29:46 AM

As usual, these right-wing "Christian" hypocrites are willing to make use of other people to forward their agenda, even a child. All done in the name of "God", thereby excusing their lying, hypocrisy and breaking the law. It is all right to lie "in the name of Jesus".

There is even a Facebook page of Lisa Miller fans offering encouragement and help in her abduction of young Isabella. Sick people who want you to believe like them. No thank you!

Posted by: Robert Shaub | Jan 7, 2010 3:01:46 PM

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