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Moder8: Testing our opposition's willingness to let us speak

by Jeremy Hooper

The "Protect Marriage" forces have posted a wrap-up of day one of the federal Prop 8 trial. And on said wrap up, they have included something that is surprising for an anti-LGBT site: The ability to leave a comment.

Now, it's a near certainty that they will follow their allies at Focus on the Family, NOM, and Maine's "yes on 1" campaign, and moderate away any pro-equality words that come in (regardless of how respectful these comments may be). But hey, it doesn't hurt to try:

Screen Shot 2010-01-12 At 9.52.32 Am-1
General Counsel Andy Pugno Comments On Opening Day Of Trial [ProtectMarriage.com]

Go ahead and leave your own. Oh, and remember to get a screen cap if you can, so that we can highlight this movement's nonstop attempt to silence their opposition, be it through tyrannical vote or unwarranted moderation.

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Your thoughts

oops, looks like they couldn't handle your comment. I just checked at 8:55 (pst) and I don't see it. There's a surprise :/

Posted by: aj | Jan 12, 2010 11:56:17 AM

No comments on any post they've made... strange... Don't they get any visitors over there ;o)

I'm sure they won't post mine either.

And on a related note: I was posting comments for a good while, a couple of months, at FOF's Boundless blog. That one is for their college age and young adult /young couple readership, and actually allows dissenting opinions to be posted! People actually have real (gasp) discussions and actually learn from each other!

I was posting comments there because I actually think that a lot of the posts they make on spiritual matters are spot on, and often very smart. Unfortunately, a lot of their posts are also full of poorly made, distracting, and unnecessary anti-gay arguments, and a lot of the people who comment there are just plain bigoted against gay people. So I called them out. Multiple times. Only when they were illogical or clearly just expressing distaste for the gays.

At first their censorship was spotty, but predictable. Now it seems I'm on the head editor's "no fly" list. He won't post anything I comment, on any subject, and won't respond to emails asking how I can edit my comments to comply with their policy. Doesn't even post entirely laudatory or appreciative comments. Makes me sad, since I think it is actually a great venue for discussion among Christians... too bad they don't want discussion.

Guess that's the problem with top down blog forums.

Posted by: twilley | Jan 12, 2010 5:13:22 PM

I merely told them I hope the trial was televised so we can see the truth. I am sure that is considered a terrible, liberal ideal by Bigot-Americans.

Posted by: homer | Jan 12, 2010 9:27:39 PM

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