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Naked ambition

by Jeremy Hooper

If you're male and want to be a contender for a top government office 20+ years from now, then find a place to shed your clothes now. After all, it worked for two of the men mentioned in this 1982 commentary:

Indiana Gazette, June 5, 1982
Screen Shot 2010-01-19 At 1.16.04 Pm-1

See ya in 2030, Sen. Levi Johnston!

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Your thoughts

I suppose if the person psosing was named Kevin Jennings, the protest would be loud and long. Instead, Brown is the darling poster boy.

Posted by: Bob Miller | Jan 19, 2010 2:53:41 PM

we make Miss America and other female pageant winners give up their tiaras and titles when we discover that they've been photographed in their natal ensembles. Why would the Republicans even consider giving this guy a chance to run when they knew he'd been seen on the pages of a magazine showing off his GOP "trunk" like that? (well, maybe you couldn't see the trunk, but the "happy" trail was there!)

double standards abound!

Posted by: keltic | Jan 19, 2010 6:56:11 PM

Re: Senator Beefcake: Oh, immoral to be sure, savvy tho' not so bright - but dude's totally smokin' HOT!!!

(Slams fingers in car door in act of contrition)

Posted by: ScottNH | Jan 20, 2010 1:43:45 PM

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