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Remember that one overachiever in high school who always got stuff done? Yea, well...

by Jeremy Hooper

Need another reason to love pro-equality Senate candidate Martha Coakley? Well, how about this: She was a SUPER accomplished teenager with gender non-conforming hair:

(All clips from North Adams Transcript archives)
Screen Shot 2010-01-15 At 11.58.38 Am-1
Screen Shot 2010-01-15 At 11.59.36 Am
Screen Shot 2010-01-15 At 12.00.39 Pm
Screen Shot 2010-01-15 At 12.01.27 Pm
Screen Shot 2010-01-15 At 12.02.55 Pm

Scott Brown may have a Cosmo centerfold career and an "American Idol" daughter in his past (and support from an extremist group in his present). But does any of that compare with one's ability to overcome awkward angst with a series of accomplishments? We think not.

For fairness. For someone who will carry on Ted Kennedy's legacy of support. For high school. If any of those reasons strike your fancy, you can support Coakley here:

LGBT for Coakley [ActBlue]

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