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The Cord begins with Salvatore? An examination: Pt 2.

by Jeremy Hooper

Those in the know consider Bishop Salvatore Cordileone to be the father of Prop 8 (see part 1 here). So that being the case, let's now look at the kind of religious rhetoric on which the backers of California's recall of CIVIL marriage admittedly based their electoral actions. Such classics as:

-The idea that gay relationships are nothing more than "relationship of friendship"

-The historically disproven notion that separate is just as good as equal

-A fallacious citation of the Ocean Grove, NJ, situation

-Multiple arguments based, at their core, around the non-required element of childbirth

-Offensive likening of same-sex marriage to heterosexual divorce (before immediately turning around and criticizing those who compare unlikely-cased scenarios)

-The bizarre notion that letting gays into marriage makes the institution somehow unimportant

-The thoroughly disturbing suggestion that same-sex marriage denigrates women

-A quip about how gays should "avoid the behaviors and lifestyles that so often end in self-destruction"

-All this and a whole host of other Maggie Gallagher-workshopped talking points:

Salvatore Cordileone ["Marriage Matters to Kids"]

This is unabashed faith-based discrimination. This is logic so holey that even swiss cheese and golf courses are green with envy (or is it nausea?). This is a thoroughly un-American overreach from a faith group who should be historically sensitive to the same. This is Prop 8. Ain't it awesome?

And look, speaking out against all this doesn't make us "anti-Catholic"or "anti-religious" (so don't even start with that intellectually dishonest B.S., Maggie). What we must remember and more effectively convey: That speaking out against this kind of teaching makes us supporters of TRUE religious freedom. The kind that protects everyone from faith interference in civil law, protects pro-equality people of faith from having their own faith views met with hostility, and -- and this is the important one that we 100% support but that our opposition will never acknowledge -- keeps the Catholic church from having their own right to pray and believe separated (and therefore protected) from our ability to live and love openly as equal tax-paying citizens!

We want the bases covered. They want us left out in the rain (that they'll warn us could turn into a great flood with Noah end). There is only one way this can correctly go, and it doesn't involve our ultimate loss. But the beauty part for our political opponents: It doesn't require that they love anything either!


**SEE ALSO: Cordileone's address to NOM (who, of course, we know to be a Catholic group at its core):

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Your thoughts

I dunno, Jeremy... There is a religious right that gays are seeking to destroy: the right to boss other people around ;)

Of course, this is America and there is no such right, which is why they will lose.

I'm also not attacking religion, but I think it is important to point out that a lot of people seem to think they have the right to tell people how to live their lives, and while non-believers are often guilty of it, I find it comes mostly from the religious. Heck, one of the most important functions of any religion is providing a moral code. Which is fine - as long as you leave civil rights out of it.

Posted by: DN | Jan 22, 2010 3:33:10 PM

looks like "marriagematterstokids dot org" is trying to wash their website.

Posted by: Jon | Jan 22, 2010 5:04:38 PM

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