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Video: Happy, happy anti-boy/boy!

by Jeremy Hooper

No matter how long this writer stays in the fight, it'll never cease to astound me just how deeply exuberant some people get over hurting LGBT people. Exuberant enough to hop to their feet and scream "HALLELUJAH!" (@1:12):

(H/t: Joe.My.God)

What can Ms. Aughtney Khan say? The spirit of inequality has filled her heart so thoroughly, her bootie simply can't be trusted to stay planted to its seat. All of those gay people who will cry themselves to sleep tonight. All of those hospital visitations that will be made ten times harder. All of those forced conversations in which tax-paying gay citizens will have to explain what a "civil union" is, in hopes that the public official in question will know enough to honor the commitment in the same way as marriage. The "joyous" images of anti-gayness have antsed her pant.

But honestly, we're okay with that. Let her get off on the idea of bias. In her church. In her home. In her heart. In her mind. BUT. NOT. IN. OUR. COLLECTIVE. CIVIL. GOVERNMENT. Why is this even still a discussion?!?


**RELATED: Columnist Charlie Stile on why Ms. Khan's jubilance could be short-lived: Even defeat could benefit gay marriage advocates [NorthJersey.com]

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Your thoughts

A shameless display of religious delusion.

Posted by: Evan Hurst | Jan 8, 2010 11:56:21 AM

She can't even string a sentence together (see end of clip).

Posted by: Clark | Jan 8, 2010 1:02:49 PM

sent this to her.........

Ms Aughtney, Saw you on Video Tape in ALL your Jubilation regarding your Temporary Short-lived Victory to Prevent Equality that is faced by LGBT NJ residents & Fellow TAXPayers..(oh thats rights you don't pay taxes being a church).....Your GOD Does NOT dictate OUR Secular Law lady. We are NOT a Theocracy...we are a Democratic Republic. Equality WILL Come, Sooner then Later.....and YOU, like MANY of your Cohorts, will be on the "wrong Side" of History! You will be Compared to the Pictures of Lilly White George Wallace... standing on the steps in the South, "Thinking, he too was victorious" ..by trying to keep Blacks from entering White schools. Im sure you don't like LGBT Equality being compared to to the struggles of Black Americans...but IT IS! NAACP's Julian Bond thinks so....as Does Congressman Lewis who himself MARCHED in Selma along with MANY Gays & Lesbians for YOUR RIGHTS, Corretta Scott King had MANY things to say about Equality for Gay Americans ( look up her quotes ). ...and ONCE the Buy-Bull was USED to Prevent YOU as a woman/and a Minority from being an Equal American Citizen...So, be happy in in short lived (what you think is a "victory"??) EQUALITY FOR ALL WILL WIN OUT, IT ALWAYS DOES in America. ....Keep your Man-made Fairy tale Book OUT of OUR GOV'T! ..PS: YOU made a fool out of yourself jumping for joy at the Expense of other People's Sadness/and Inequality...and NOW that image is IN the Public Record FOREVER, and WILL be there in the Future for all to Compare YOU / and your Vile Reaction to that of Ol' George Wallace! Now that... is Victory for REAL Americans who beleive in Freedom & Equality for ALL! Enjoy your celebrity in History! woohoo a Disgusted American

Posted by: Disgusted American | Jan 8, 2010 1:28:24 PM

Read the user comment on the "related" NorthJersey.com article and imagine if someone on their side would have dared to admit that in Maine.

Posted by: Adam | Jan 8, 2010 2:04:27 PM

"The process produced two strategic consolation prizes for their certain return to the court. And those prizes, advocates believe, will become invaluable ammunition for the next phase of the crusade."
Good little article. Hopefully, all will be made moot by our CA case..... eventually.

Posted by: LOrion | Jan 8, 2010 3:00:20 PM

... is it wrong that i hoped, just slightly, that the lady behind her in the equality shirt would lean over and have some words with her? Because that is just sickening, what she did,in front of everyone.

Posted by: IanC | Jan 8, 2010 5:42:09 PM

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