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Video: Refresh

by Jeremy Hooper

There's nothing LGBT in the following hour. And you may have already seen it on other sites or media outlets. But since earlier this week we expressed some sense of restored hope for our president, we do feel it's imperative that we post this video. For it just might be the single most encouraging display of cool, calm, confident leadership that we've ever seen from a post-inaugurated #44. It's the kind of refreshing change we voted for. The kind of change that could cool overheated TEA. The kind of change that -- paired with a drastically stepped-up LGBT commitment, among other things -- needs to define B. point O., 2 point 0:

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Your thoughts

I have been pretty critical of the spinelessness that Obama has seemed to be displaying, but after seeing how he handled himself in front a room full of his staunchest opponents gives me renewed hope. It was particularly gratifying to see him thoroughly thrash the stupid arguments that the buffoons in the room were dredging up. Arguments (sound-bites) that work on their ignorant like-minded constituents, but that wither away when rebutted.

Afterwards, one of the hostile audience members remarked (off the record) that in retrospect, it wasn't a very good idea to air the Q&A live. This may be the last (only) time that it ever happens, but it was certainly epic. Faux News cut away from it halfway through, presumably because Obama was scoring all of the points.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Jan 30, 2010 2:44:31 AM

Sorry, I'm feeling no such hope. I see no audacity in him to change anything with regard to the LGBT where it matters.

Had he, as a Harvard trained lawyer, had the power of his words, and capacity to engage society in the power of gay/straight alliance in our society and articulated the untapped potential for gays and heteros to do great good TOGETHER and the public been engaged in seeing their gay neighbors and family, NOT as the enemy, but in fact the compassionate and patient ally they've taken for granted.

THAT sort of bringing together of contentious factions would have made him worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize.
How sad he wasn't worthy of it anyway, and I can see why he's pretty much looking like an empty suit to me.

Posted by: Regan DuCasse | Jan 30, 2010 3:42:13 PM

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