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Another potential Super Bowl ad: Another flag on the play?

by Jeremy Hooper

The Focus on the Family Super Bowl ad has gotten all the gay press, with several activists expressing concerns that CBS would allow a spot from an anti-gay advocacy group when they denied a pro-equality UCC ad just a few years ago. But did you know that another spot with less-than-gay-friendly ties might just air during next Sunday's big game? It's totally true.

McManusHere, first listen to this audio from Mosaic Church's lead pastor, Erwin McManus:

*AUDIO SOURCE: What About Sex? -- March, 2009 [Mosaic Church]

Okay, so his thoughts are kind of all over the place. It starts with a false idea, which is that gay people, as a monolith, identify themselves by their sexual orientations. This is of course untrue. But even if it were true, then so what? One still has views on homosexuality, regardless of how 'mo-focused or not he or she views those who happen to be gay. So the fact that he immediately goes into identification somewhat sidesteps whatever issue pastor McManus is planning to make.

Then beyond that, he attempts (and fails) to deny a biological relationship to homosexual, and goes to offensively suggest that even if there is a genetic component, the that natural desire itself (or, as he says, "the wrong connections in your development") is animalistic and wrong. The whole thing is convoluted, but it certainly ain't friendly to LGBT understanding.

But wait, what does this have to do with the Super Bowl, you ask? Well here, now go check out this snippet from the AP:

Mosaic, a 3,000-member megachurch, is one of six finalists in the Doritos' "Crash the Super Bowl" challenge with a lighthearted spoof that plays off the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

If the church's ad, titled "Casket," is among the top three vote-getters in an online playoff, it will air on Feb. 7 during the Super Bowl. If the commercial ranks in the top three most-popular ads among viewers, it could win its creators either $400,000, $600,000 or $1 million.

For Erwin McManus, Mosaic's lead pastor, the ad competition represents a chance to make his faith relevant to one of the largest TV audiences in the nation when viewers least expect it - and are least likely to tune out.

*FULL PIECE: LA megachurch hopes to win Super Bowl ad contest [AP via WaPo]

Now, we don't have a problem with the potential ad, or its placement within this contest. It's actually kind of cute:

But still, since the producers are saying things like this to the press:

"It might not get someone converted, but I think it will get someone to say, 'Maybe there is something I ought to investigate.'"

We do think it's more than fair to present the less-than-savory words that our own investigations have dug up. And if the ad does end up winning and garnering national attention (more so than it already has via this AP article), we hope folks will press and see just how this church's desired conversion applies to us supposedly unnatural LGBTs.

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Your thoughts

I have heard it said in commentary when this first hit the news, that it all boils down to money. CBS needing the Ad revenue, now some group hopes to make some money from a contest. I also heard that the UCC was approached about doing an ad this year and they decided that the money could be better spent on, oh something like, relief work, perhaps in a earthquake ravaged country.

Posted by: Bob Miller | Feb 1, 2010 3:19:28 PM

""It might not get someone converted, but I think it will get someone to say, 'Maybe there is something I ought to investigate.'"

Gee, he leaves open the possibility that the Doritos commercial by itself could get someone to convert to Christianity. I don't know what that says about Christianity and the mentality of its converts.

Posted by: Ziggy | Feb 1, 2010 3:42:47 PM

Sick, sick, sick.

There is no bounds for these people and they are happy to express their ideas because the only cost is our lives.

Posted by: pantherq | Feb 1, 2010 4:22:49 PM

This type of Christian seems to believe very, very strongly in the notion of contagion. Mere exposure to a poster of the ten commandments in a schoolroom or courthouse will turn people Christian. Telling children that gay people exist will turn them gay. Allowing a Muslim to live peacefully next door will turn you into a dark-skinned baby-eating boy-raping turban-headed heathen.

Strangely, these tend to be many of the same people who don't believe in vaccinating against community acquired diseases that you really can catch when someone sneezes into their hand and then opens the freezer door in the grocery store.

Posted by: Aconite | Feb 1, 2010 4:44:39 PM

Jeez. Being gay is not a 'belief system'. Some of what McManus says is interesting but still... sick.

Of course people are more then their sexual orientation. At least McManus can SEE that. But his spin on things is so wrong, regardless.

Posted by: Isobel Connell | Feb 1, 2010 5:46:26 PM

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