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Intended comity vs. unintended comedy: NOM begins Gansler dumbing down process

by Jeremy Hooper

This is how Brian Brown begins his latest NOM communiqué:

“Only a marriage between a man and a woman is valid in this state.”

Who would have thought it would take 55 pages for Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler to explain what these 14 words mean?
Maryland [NOM]

A typical take. Because although NOM might be "For Marriage" by organizational design, "For Dumbing Down Complex Political Matters" was certainly a runner-up in the naming process.

The truth: Gansler didn't use his carefully examined opinion to "explain" what the MD statutory law says. He didn't ignore the law, either. In fact, he directly acknowledged these fourteen words. He simply explained how and why these words, even as they apply to the state of Maryland's own consecration of same-sex unions, do not prevent recognition of marriages performed in jurisdictions where such are allowed. And he specifically pointed out instances like common law marriages, which are not performed in Maryland, yet are recognized there (*read full opinion below).

Now, we don't expect NOM to like Gansler's decision, as it's reasoned assessment of the changing American landscape is the exact sort of thing that'll eventually shut off the lights in Brian Brown's office. But if they're going to resist his words, they need to do so on a better basis than the complexity of his document. Those Americans who understand that this discussion deserves more than pithy talking points actually appreciate the legal scholarship!

**Gansler's full opinion:

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Your thoughts

Sounds like you actually expect Brain Brown to "read" the decision... When those guys know that their aggressively ignorant followers will never venture as far as to do their own independent research, they can basically say (do / dream up / fabricate / fudge / out-right lie about) whatever they want - and basically with impunity. Living in the real world isn't even a little bit tedious or vexing to them, they simply ignore it.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Feb 26, 2010 3:43:38 PM

Nothing will shut out the lights at NOM's offices. No matter when, and how fully, our rights are recognized, they will continue their(un)Holy War. After 37 years of legality abortion is still a hot topic with these kind. No amount of truth is sufficient when arguing with gawd.

Why do people who believe the earth is flat keep trying to push me off the edge?

Posted by: Cedlitz | Feb 27, 2010 2:45:12 PM

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