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The road to CPAC boos: Did lively Sorba absorb Lively, Scott?

by Jeremy Hooper

Ryan-SorbaIn a 2008 speech at Massachusetts' Framingham State College, booed CPACer Ryan Sorba revealed the following about how and why he began compiling all of his anti-gay "research":

(click to play audio clip)

Interesting. So who was this lawyer friend? Well, we were curious, so we went back and looked at news reports from Ryan's 2004 college debate. And in those reports, there was only one Sorba-defending lawyer mentioned:

Lawyer Scott Lively, director of the Pro-Family Law Center, called [pro-gay] arguments ridiculous. The Bible only condones sex between married heterosexuals, he said.

"It's in clear plain black script letters,' Lively said.

The campus debate began this summer when Sorba disrupted a lesson and began posting anti-gay fliers asking students to boycott the "Perspectives on Gender' class, which Sorba has not taken.

The class discusses how gender roles are established, maintained and changed in western society. Members of the class challenged Sorba to take it.

*FULL PIECE: Free-speech rights backed [The Sun via some CCLM]

Yes, that's right: Scott Lively. A man whose rhetoric has become so overheated that it's landed him on the Southern Poverty Law Center's "hate groups" list. A man who has drawn ENORMOUS scrutiny for his trips to Uganda designed for the sole purpose of fomenting anti-gay hostility, and for his comments that called that country's anti-gay bill a "step in the right direction." A man who, in terms of fringe eye-openers, has pretty much moved to the front of the pack. That's who was on hand at Ryan's 2004 San Bernadino, CA, debate (despite being based on the other coast).

But wait, there's more. In Lively's web-based book "Defending the Rainbow," only eight people get acknowledgement. There's Brian Camenker from MassResistance (another SPLC "hate group"). There's also the overheated Linda Harvey, as well as anti-gay mainstay Peter LaBarbera. There's frequently amusing "ex-gay" James Hartline. And then there's Ryan:

Screen Shot 2010-02-23 At 5.08.47 Pm-3

So while it's possible that Ryan was referring to some other lawyer, it's pretty clear to us that Scott Lively is the man to whom Sorba refers as his anti-rights impetus. A little factoid that deserves entrance into the current CPAC/Sorba/Republican values discussion.

Now as for the Florida man who dropped off a box containing twenty years of highlighted magazines? Well, that one's anyone's guess. But seriously -- twenty years of highlighting gay magazines in order to discover some sort of "agenda"?! Whoever it is, we just hope that he has a VERY understanding spouse!

**NOTE: We've written Ryan for further elucidation/comment. Should we hear back, you'll be the first to know

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Your thoughts

Very strange indeed.

It's difficult to contemplate how miserable in life these people truly are. How do they look in the mirror every morning at their fat asses and proceed to incite hatred towards others?

Pathetic, each and every one of them.

It is a choice to waste one's life.

Posted by: Dale | Feb 23, 2010 7:48:27 PM

Dear Mr. Lively,

The "Lord of the Rings" is in plain black script letters as well.


Posted by: Mykelb | Feb 24, 2010 11:57:20 AM

I remember Scott Lively. I used to live in Oregon in the early 90's and Scott and Lon Mabon were the heads of the Oregon Citizen's Alliance which viciously lead a campaign to outlaw all gay tolerant rights legislation, etc.

Later, Scott published a controversial book claiming that nearly all of Hitler's henchmen were gay. He was calling himself a historian back then.

Sorry to see him rearing his ugly head again.

Posted by: Bud Perry | Feb 24, 2010 12:26:34 PM

Have you seen this:


Posted by: Alonzo | Feb 24, 2010 12:44:07 PM

I have, Alonzo. I just wrote Pete for comment.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Feb 24, 2010 12:47:22 PM

He must have paid his bill because it's back-up.

Posted by: Alonzo | Feb 24, 2010 1:36:57 PM

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