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Video: Anti-gay Ugandans are 'more American than Americans'; Also: Hold me mommy, I'm terrified of the far-right

by Jeremy Hooper

This pro-death-to-gays video is not some homespun creation. This guy, Molotov Mitchell, is an official part of the WorldNetDaily website:

There are no words. And actually, we're not the ones who need to say anything anyway: It's this nation's conservative movement, who must condemn this kind of behavior wholly and loudly before someone's literal blood permanently stains their movement!


**UPDATE, 2/23: Even some on Molotov's own side are speaking out against him. "Ex-gay" conservative Randy Thomas has this: Molotov Mitchell’s Videos Create Firestorm [Exodus]

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Your thoughts

Ugh.....where to start. Consider it uploaded to my Facebook page.

Posted by: Michael | Feb 17, 2010 7:35:40 PM

As much as I despise what this man believes at least he's honest about what he believes and he's not hiding behind the "love the sinner, hate the sin" meme.

Posted by: Alonzo | Feb 17, 2010 7:45:56 PM

I wish that I could say that their sentiment is unbelievable, or shocking, or uncharacteristic. But it is none of those things, and is actually exactly what we (by now) should be expecting from them. And the more they feel their stranglehold slipping, the more vitriolic their rhetoric is going to become.

Their unqualified mention of god being the one who has determined that death is an appropriate penalty can only have one very sinister purpose - to spread terror with the ultimate hope that any of their more pathologically delusional zealots will step up to answer "god's call". They're getting to the point where their hate-speech has overtones of incitement, not that it is anything new. Not only do they not care, they now seem to hope that they end up with blood on their hands. Shameful, outrageous and criminal are words that only begin to describe these thugs.

Posted by: Dick Mills | Feb 17, 2010 8:06:00 PM

This is personal for me since I have a friend in Uganda who could very much be harmed if this law is passed. Currently, the atmosphere in Uganda is such that no conversation can be had in support of gay people at all.

I noticed the guy in the video had a tattoo on his arm. I don't know what the tattoo says, but does he not know that his God commanded him to never do such a thing? I comes only a few verses before his Leviticus 20:13 justification for the killing of gay people:

[from http://www.gotquestions.org/tattoos-sin.html}

Question: "What does the Bible say about tattoos / body piercings?"

Answer: The Old Testament law commanded the Israelites, “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD” (Leviticus 19:28). So, even though believers today are not under the Old Testament law (Romans 10:4; Galatians 3:23-25; Ephesians 2:15), the fact that there was a command against tattoos should raise some questions. The New Testament does not say anything about whether or not a believer should get a tattoo.

In relation to tattoos and body piercings, a good test is to determine whether we can honestly, in good conscience, ask God to bless and use that particular activity for His own good purposes. “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31). The New Testament does not command against tattoos or body piercings, but it also does not give us any reason to believe God would have us get tattoos or body piercings.

An important scriptural principle on issues the Bible does not specifically address is if there is room for doubt whether it pleases God, then it is best not to engage in that activity. Romans 14:23 reminds us that anything that does not come from faith is sin. We need to remember that our bodies, as well as our souls, have been redeemed and belong to God. Although 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 does not directly apply to tattoos or body piercings, it does give us a principle: “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.” This great truth should have a real bearing on what we do and where we go with our bodies. If our bodies belong to God, we should make sure we have His clear “permission” before we “mark them up” with tattoos or body piercings.

Posted by: djs | Feb 17, 2010 8:50:46 PM

One commenter seems to think the bill only outlaws "aggressive homosexual acts against minors such as giving them the gift of aids/hiv" because "crimes are being commited under the western...pc bs. so get your facts straight."

However, he needs to get his own facts straight. The bill is so tyrannical, you can be put to death for not ratting out a gay friend. Grrr.


Posted by: Donna | Feb 17, 2010 8:53:40 PM

I seem to recall some biblical passages about the abominable status of tattoos. Perhaps Mr. Mitchell is unaware that his forearms are sinful.

Posted by: Brad | Feb 17, 2010 9:58:49 PM

What a lying sack of garbage: "if gay Ugandans don't like the law, they are *more* than free to leave."

Yeah except that this bill calls for extradition of gay Ugandans living in other countries.

Posted by: DN | Feb 18, 2010 12:01:11 AM

oh and by the way - in another video, he says his tattoo says "ZEALOT"

Posted by: DN | Feb 18, 2010 12:05:41 AM

This is terrifying, on every level. The fact that he has the audacity to say "if Ugandans don't like it, they can leave" made me furious. Why, WHY should gay Ugandans HAVE TO LEAVE AT ALL?!

They talk about the founding fathers' opinions as if we should hold everything to that standard. If the founding fathers were alive today, yes, maybe they WOULD support that law. But if the founding fathers were alive today, they'd probably support segregation, slavery, and would have shot down womens' suffrage. THINGS CHANGE FOR A REASON.

Congrats, Uganda had a tyranical homo king, once (is this even a true story?). How many hetero tyranical leaders has the world seen? How many hetero rapes are occuring every day in the Congo? WE AREN"T OUTLAWING HETEROSEXUALITY.

This video needs to be brought to the attention of some news outlet. Rachel Maddow needs to get on this. People need to see the kind of batshit crazy homocidal talk the anti-gays talk. This guy is supporting the death penalty for gays. He justifies it. This is not ok.

Posted by: Stef | Feb 18, 2010 12:19:27 AM

I'm not afraid of them, but it's very, very important that everybody knows and is prepared for what they have planned.

It may seem alarmist, but the recent moves from the RR to begin talking openly about rounding us up are no coincidence. Everything they do is highly coordinated, and no doubt there was much discussion and a cost/benefit analysis performed before they decided to take this risk.

Expect to see this "mainstreamed" over the next few months once they've tested the waters for potential backlash.

We are going to be fighting them in the streets, this is looking more and more unavoidable every day.

Posted by: marsmannetje | Feb 18, 2010 12:58:59 AM

Um... I am not exactly sure where he's getting the 'founding fathers were against gays' stuff. Cause I don't seem to recall that in there. And never mind the fact that it's 2010...I would have hoped the views of humanity would have changed by then.

And how dare he use a quote by Dr. King to support his views. That's abhorrent and despicable!

Posted by: Ravvie | Feb 18, 2010 1:00:54 AM

Peter Tatchell, one of the most widely respected leaders of the international LGBT movement just this morning passed along a YouTube video that lays out in the clearest way the Ugandan christers intent to murder every GLBT person they can.

It's a must see illuminating look at how mass murder begins. It's part of a global assault that includes the christer right in the US including ex-gay scum and their ringmaster Rick Warren, who used Obama to defeat prop 8 in California. A vicious pogrom is underway in neighboring Kenya and will no doubt bolster the killer christers efforts in Zimbabwe.

The new Ugandan laws are much more comprehensive and violent than islamist Sharia law.

Turn off the Olympics and watch this video as if your life depended on it. It just might.


Posted by: Bill Perdue | Feb 18, 2010 11:01:08 AM

Thank you, Bill Perdue for posting that youtube link! That should be played at every religious service this week!

Posted by: John in MN | Feb 18, 2010 1:53:14 PM

Just how close to UGANDA is Kenya... OBAMA fits profile more every day.

Posted by: LOrion | Feb 18, 2010 3:30:27 PM

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