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Video: Your government demands that this man lie

by Jeremy Hooper

Openly Gay Lieutenant Faces Discharge [CBS via YT]

When talk turns to families. When discussions turn political. When the other men are cat-calling USO girls. When a soldier is injured and instinctively calls for the love of his or her life.

The policy is not really Don't Ask Don't Tell -- it's very much a demand of lies. Done in the name of morality?

Good lord, America: Can we please stop sending our children these mixed messages?! We must protect them, you know.


**UPDATE: Another from Choi, this time on MSNBC:

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Your thoughts

Exactly. If I recall correctly bearing false witness is one of their f*cking commandments.

Posted by: Dale | Feb 2, 2010 2:13:19 PM

Oooooo the smoke in the Senate hearing room! Ah the mirrors!!!!!!!!!

Gates and Mullens’ statements against DADT are admirable [no pun intended] and a baby step forward but, despite the premeditated honking from the Obamamobile clown cars already all over the Net, our Secretary of Defense and Chair of the Joint Chiefs have taken two steps back in an amazing mix of logical contradictions from which they built no case to justify CONTINUING DISCHARGES for as long as two years.

At times I thought I was watching a Nick At Night rerun in which Sheriff Andy Gates and Deputy Barney Mullen have apparently been sneaking sips from Otis’s bottle. For despite testifying that they believe all the suspects are innocent, they insist they’ve got to keep them in jail while they spend months and months looking for possible ways to get them out when the key is already in Sheriff Gate's pocket along with Barney's bullet! BURP!!!

But some suspects may be sprung early. Despite Gate’s comments re the WAPO article, he conceded that its focus was valid which, if there is ANY sanity and integrity left in mainstream media will blow up in the face of his self-contradiction.

DADT is predicated on the black and white assertion that ALL gays are BY DEFINITION bad for the military. How can they effectively suggest that that’s suddenly not true for people like Victor Fehrenbach who was viciously outed by a third party but STILL true for people like Dan Choi who outed themselves but no less want to nor are no less fully capable of continuing to serve than “victims” of third parties.

If DADT is built upon a fallacy for a SINGLE gay servicemember, how can they justify continuing it another second for thousands more. WHERE's the intellectual integrity let alone the moral integrity?

And how can they simultaneously acknowledge the 1993 Rand study which unequivocally concluded there would be NO problems with lifting the ban entirely IF LEADERSHIP FROM THE TOP [i.e., people like them and the President] was clear and forceful AND call for ANOTHER study?

Do they imagine that attitudes among the rank and file have gotten MORE homophobic over SEVENTEEN YEARS or in the 35 years since Leonard Matlovich first fought the ban?

And Gates’ claim that they need to decide how to deal with issues of “fraternization and misconduct” is both absurd and an insult as it effectively posits that there WOULD BE more of such problems with gays and that current Uniform Code of Military Justice regulations would be inadequate to handle them. Homophobia much?

Further, if the Pentagon General Counsel sharing responsibility for this needless study is the same one who wrongly told Gates last year there was nothing in DADT policy that would allow him to “be more humane,” he’s empowered either an incompetent or a fox to decide what to do about the chickens.

Their Caesar’s Legion salad of logical and legal contradictions prove that DADT is just a game of charades and the only way to save America’s Constitutional integrity and strengthen our national security is not to just tweak one of the rules but to stop the game entirely NOW by freezing discharges as both the President and SOD have the legal authority to do and fast track repeal simply to technically mop up this legislative mess.

As Obama declared in 2007: "All it takes is LEADERSHIP!"

Posted by: Michael @ LeonardMatlovich.com | Feb 2, 2010 4:31:49 PM

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