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And being a homo wrecker is better, Maggie?

by Jeremy Hooper

About Rielle Hunter and her comments to GQ regarding John and Elizabeth Edwards' state of affairs, marriage equality's most indefatigable foe, Maggie Gallagher, offers up the following quip:

"I have never seen a more aggressive display of narcissism: blaming [Elizabeth Edwards] for failing to take responsibility for Hunter's acts of adultery -- acts that destroyed three children's home and put a fourth child -- her own -- in a fatherless home as well."

Which is valid, as far as it goes. We definitely see some narcissism in Hunter's comments, and would certainly consider ourselves on Team Elizabeth, if asked to take sides.

But here's the thing: The last person in the world who needs to be lecturing us about narcissism Screen Shot 2010-03-18 At 9.40.04 Am-1when it come to marriage is Margaret Gallagher Srivastav! This is a person who dedicates 9/10 of her professional life to keeping gay and lesbian couples civilly unmarried, because she, based on her Catholic beliefs, simply doesn't think same-sex couples are morally fit to be legal spouses. She goes on this media outlet and that news program, speaking to anyone who will listen about "the two great halves of humanity," as if opposite-sex couples are on some unreachable moral pedestal to which gay duo can only dream of one day reaching. Maggie's work selfishly robs millions of decent couples of time, resources, rings, cake, open bars, and most of all: peace.

No, Maggie's not destroying three children's home -- she's destroying countless many more than that! Before casting stones at Hunter, perhaps she should look at the legally-estranging shotgun in her own narcissistic hand.

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Your thoughts

Unlike Maggie, I've never put a child in a fatherless home.

Posted by: Timothy | Mar 18, 2010 1:04:11 PM

This post reminded me of the exchange you guys had just before XMas... think I'll go find that in your archives. You pwnt her.

Posted by: DN | Mar 18, 2010 3:59:16 PM

I'll save you the trouble, DN:

Posted by: G-A-Y | Mar 18, 2010 4:03:59 PM

I kind of hope Ol' Mags takes on adultery. I know this sounds mean, but I would like to see straight people hurt by her actions. Let them see that once you give Maggie and her kind permission to enter into the bedrooms and lives of gay people, you've given her the right to enter the bedrooms and lives of everyone she deems immoral.

Posted by: stojef | Mar 18, 2010 4:04:29 PM

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