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Concerned Women for Anti-American Majority Tyranny

by Jeremy Hooper

This from Concerned Women For [Ignoring the considerable polling data that shows majority support for marriage equality in the District]:

"CWA not only joins with many citizens of Washington, D.C., and other like-minded organizations in denouncing the legalization of same-sex 'marriage,' but pledges to work closely with them in bringing this issue to the ballot so the people of D.C. have their say. When the issue of same-sex 'marriage' is put to a vote of the people, it loses every time.

"Marriage has been upheld in statewide votes in 31 states, including supposedly liberal bastions such as Maine, Oregon, Michigan and twice in California. The people of D.C. have the right to decide whether or not marriage is between a man and a woman, or if it is to be redefined entirely by political activists.

"This is an issue that reaches across the usual divisions by party or race or income class. In California, 70 percent of African-American voters — of whom virtually all voted for Barack Obama for president — voted for Proposition 8 to protect marriage. Marriage and family are foundational underpinnings of our society, and voters in 31 different states have treated them that way. It is not for legislatures or courts to decide whether or not these fundamental institutions will be redefined. The people of D.C. have yet to speak, and we will ensure they get that opportunity."

Statement on D.C. Same-Sex [Concerned Women For America]

Ooh, they "denounce" it. Big, bad toughies with their gum-chewing tough talk. It's like at the end of Grease when sweet Sandy becomes an aggressive Rizzo. Except these Concerned Women aren't out to dance around on amusement park scenery, crooning about the one they want. Instead, they want to dance on the grave of fairness so that they can decide who we should want (oo, oo, oo, honey).

And of course they're playing the race card yet again. So gross. In our years of covering them, we have never seen one -- NOT ONE! -- African-American on CWA's staff. Yet they want to tell the D.C. Black population how they should feel, suggesting that supposedly homo-hostile sentiment can monolithically transport itself from coast to coast? They who oppose Barack Obama with every fiber in their socially conservative beings want to go even further and exploit African-American support for the Democratic president? As we said: Gross!

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Your thoughts

Using "marriage" in quotes doesn't make it a "fake marriage". Then again, conservatives never were about logic.

Posted by: Tony | Mar 8, 2010 9:34:47 AM

The world was "created" 6000 years ago.

Yeah, you're right, the quotation marks don't really change anything, the above statement is still false!!

Posted by: Jen | Mar 8, 2010 10:45:17 AM

If this was such an important issue to the voters of DC, why weren't they storming the offices of their representatives on city council? Could it be that the residents of DC did not care about the issue. It is only those who don't live there who think it is an issue, would that be an issue they can raise money with?

Posted by: Bob Miller | Mar 8, 2010 11:27:14 AM

When they released the donor information for stand4marriagedc, there were no donors from DC.


Posted by: Bob Barnes | Mar 8, 2010 11:50:23 AM

"When the issue of same-sex 'marriage' is put to a vote of the people, it loses every time."


Let me help CWA with a more accurate version of this statement:

When concerning a strongly socially conservative state:

"When the issue of same-sex 'marriage' is put to a vote of the people, it loses every time."

When concerning a socially moderate or liberal state:

"When the issue of same-sex 'marriage' is side-stepped and instead presented as a menacing threat towards children, religious liberty, freedom of speech, etc, it's lost every time, by smaller and smaller margins."

Oh, I'm sorry politically-organized-and-religiously-motivated-movement-against-marriage-equality, was that *you* that even admitted as much, saying yourself that trying to ban same-sex marriage in states like California and Maine by campaigning *solely* on the concept that same-sex marriage in and of itself is wrong, just doesn't work any more? WHY YES I THINK IT WAS!

...sorry fellow G.A.Y. readers...I'm going to go find out who it was that slipped the Sarcasm® in my morning coffee and say something snide and ironic to them.

Posted by: Christopher Eberz | Mar 8, 2010 1:35:33 PM

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