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Gambling on a post-Dobson Focus: Will far-right loss exceed moderate influx?

by Jeremy Hooper

In the past, we've made note of Focus on the Family's obvious attempts to reform its staid, judgmental image through new efforts, "nicer" words, and increased outreach to young people. But is it this new state of mind that pushed founder James Dobson out of the Colorado Springs door? Well maybe, says at least one social conservative.

Now, the following piece comes from WorldNetDaily, so you should take it with not even a grain of salt, but rather the dust mite that's residing on that grain. Plus it's written by anti-gay pastor Ken Hutcherson, so you might wanna take even that dust mite with a microscopic grain of bacteria that's sitting on its back. (*NOTE: We actually used this idiom inaccurately. See note about "grain of salt" in this post's comments section).

But even with those reasons to be cautious, it is still interesting to hear a "pro-family" person saying that Jimmy D. was pushed out of the house that homo-hostility built, and suggesting that Dobson's forced exodus threatens to derail one of the gay population's most major organized opponents:

"I am not very happy with the new, progressive, "loving" leadership at Focus on the Family. However, it is God's ministry, and He will do with it what He pleases.

Khutcherson09-1While I don't work for Focus, I definitely have an opinion. God used Dr. James Dobson as its founder to change the world's view of the family. Taking him off the air effective this month was not Dr. Dobson's decision but a board decision. Why was that decision made? What prayerful consideration did the board engage in that ended with their choice to remove Dr. Dobson from the air? Evidently, he didn't want to stop his voice from being heard over the airways after turning over leadership to the new team. The new radio program he is launching tells me that."
"Focus on the Family's light is not only under a bushel, it's under a cloud."
"They have made a serious mistake and they need to correct it."
FULL PIECE: I lost my Focus on the Family [WND]

We would say that a Family rift makes us sad. But considering the countless needless rifts that Focus has caused in the LGBT people's families over the decades, our tears would be as fake as this organization's hostility-masking code-wording.

New Focus, old Focus: This organization is and will always be on record saying some of the most offensive things imaginable about our lives and loves. It shouldn't be Dobson's presence that's of concern. Unfortunate legacies are built on words and actions, not individuals.

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Your thoughts

The "grain of salt" analogy actually works in reverse to what you're doing with it. Grain of salt means "small amount of doubt." That article requires a salt flat's worth.

Posted by: Lysana | Mar 9, 2010 2:43:01 PM

Whoa, Lysana, you're right. All of my life I have thought that it was the grain that was the focus (i.e. take what you're reading only with a grain and not a full salt shaker). So since to take something with a grain of salt means to consider something to be not completely true or right, I was suggesting that, considering the source and speaker, wisdom would tell us that we shouldn't even grant them that grain -- we should only offer them a microscopic grain of bacteria that's on a slightly larger dust mite that's on the salt grain.

But it turns out you're right: By origin, the grain is not the focus -- the salt is. It stems from taking salt as an antidote to poison.

Funny. You learn something knew every day!

Posted by: G-A-Y | Mar 9, 2010 2:48:26 PM

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