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MassResistance stakes out bathroom; FRC has toilet paper on shoe

by Jeremy Hooper

What does "pro-family" activism mean? Well if you're MassResistance, it means filming unsuspecting people as they go to the bathroom and making meticulous note of the pee-bound peeps' heights, as if they are robbers in a convenience store:

Total extremists, this MassResistance group. Extremists who score personal meetings with the likes of Scott Brown, but extremists nonetheless. Which is precisely why they are one of only a handful of groups to land alongside Westboro Baptist Church on the Southern Poverty Law Center's anti-gay hate groups list. Because they have earned it.

So why should you, a principled politico, care about such fringe extremists? Well, because they are major allies of "mainstream" groups like the Family Research Council. This from FRC's latest "Washington Update":

After a series of tragic teen suicides, the Massachusetts legislature is considering an anti-bullying bill that would put a greater emphasis on the problem in local schools. Last week, the state senate passed the proposal unanimously-but not before pro-family groups exposed a devious scheme in the bill.
MassResistance pointed out how extreme the language is and managed to have leaders remove it. Although the end result was a victory for conservatives, it does illustrate the real agenda of homosexual activists--which is to completely silence those who are critical of their behavior, by force of law, if necessary.
Mass. Senate: Watch Your Language! [FRC]

The same Family Research Council whose heads are booked on cable news shows on a weekly basis. The same Family Research Council that hosts one of the year's preeminent conservative conferences, where major GOP candidates and party leaders regularly speak. The same Family Research Council that sees no reason why it should be disinvited from speaking engagements at Andrews Air Force Base. The same Family Research Council that works to keep us unmarried, unprotected, and unequal, and does so under the mask of "morality."

If you pull the thread long enough, folks, you'll learn that the organized anti-gay movement is mostly connected in one way or another. The sooner we start tying the fringe ends to the "mainstream" middle, the better off we will be. And the longer it takes groups like FRC to decry the beyond-the-pale antics of SPLC listed hate groups, the closer we'll get to victory.

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Your thoughts

Why are they so obsessed with toilets, genitals and anuses?

Posted by: Buffy | Mar 15, 2010 10:49:03 PM

2 things:


Generally speaking, physicians who perform sex-reassignment surgery require the patient to live as the members of their target gender in all possible ways for at least a year ("cross-live"), prior to the start of surgery

1.It's ILLEGAL for them not to cross dress! I'm sure they'd love to not have assholes leering at them, but their choices are either go out in public and risk an asskicking for a year or never get the surgery and commit suicide. *Of course the 'family alues' bigots would prefer the the suicide*

2. That same doctor that demands they spend a year going out in public? They also give them a letter explaining why they have to do this, my doctor actually called it a 'bathroom letter'. This is the exact same logic as saying handicap parking spaces should be banned because anyone can just fake a limp and use them. Both conveniently forget to mention you need to see a doctor first.

Posted by: penguinsaur | Mar 16, 2010 1:44:39 AM

If I remember correctly, it's illegal in Massachusetts to make an audio recording of someone without their permission. That video DEFINITELY contains audio of a band, and it seems rather doubtful that MassResistance obtained their permission. Does anybody know how to contact the band to show them this video so they can file a criminal complaint with the Peabody police?

Posted by: Tom Farrell | Mar 16, 2010 3:44:00 AM

Yes, well.

"If you pull the thread long enough, folks, you'll learn that the organized anti-gay movement is mostly connected in one way or another. The sooner we start tying the fringe ends to the "mainstream" middle, the better off we will be. And the longer it takes groups like FRC to decry the beyond-the-pale antics of SPLC listed hate groups, the closer we'll get to victory."

That thread will be pulled one way or another.

Posted by: Evan Hurst | Mar 16, 2010 3:54:21 AM

This just goes to show who the really frightening people are in all this! I hope whoever's responsible for that tape gets arrested for their voyeurism. Absolutely disgusting, and really proves that those who point the finger at us point three fingers back at their own sick selves.

Of course, I'm just a same-sex married woman who was once pushed around and nearly beaten up in a high school bathroom for coming out as bi, so what do I know?

Posted by: GreenEyedLilo | Mar 16, 2010 11:45:20 AM

Of course she wants to use the women't restroom. They are clean.

Posted by: Wrecks | Mar 16, 2010 12:33:57 PM

The depth of hatred I have seen on Care2 comment boards is a real wake-up call. Care2 is a liberal site. 95% of the people commenting are LGBT friendly. The other 5% are so called Christians, they cherry-pick bible quotations, regurgitate hateful stereotypes and threaten anyone who does not agree with them. Some of the 95% are bible thumpers as well, but know Christ does not hate. I wish gay people would call a general strike and remove their labour for a day in protest.

Posted by: Doug Cunningham | Mar 16, 2010 1:32:13 PM

This is disgusting! I don't know how I found this site- but information is definitely power..!
I know I can be of help in some way--if I can speak out and help you, I am and have been doing that! I am compelled to be an advocate for LGBT people..to repay a gift that a dear gay friend gave to me- the gift was the gift of tolerance! A bigoted person became a tolerant one because of my love for a gay friend---he dies of AIDS, and I never got to thank him for changing my life, so I repay the gift in this way.. Know this: You have friends and advocates everywhere! If we can all maintain and focus our shared energy for our common goal --we can all benefit, and I can work on paying another page off of my debt(which, face it how does one EVER pay off something like that!?) A good analogy would be like the TV show 'My Name Is Earl', where Earl is always striving to better himself by paying off his debts to people he has wronged... If a former bigot can do this, others can change their minds as well...on the list is: overturning DADT-repealing DOMA-! There is much to do- but together we can do it!! Ronna

Posted by: Ronna Sommers | Mar 16, 2010 2:04:14 PM

How in the world does an organization with this much available money make such a poor quality video.....looks like it was put together by a elementary Sunday school class! And exactly what in heaven's name does how tall a person is have anything to do with the subject at hand. The group that made this "video" is not only a group of real sick minded individuals, but obviously also untalented and with no taste. I would suspect that the gay community could do a whole lot better were they to decide that it would be cool to show heterosexuals gong in to pee. Geeze.........

Posted by: Wayne Potrafka | Mar 16, 2010 2:14:37 PM

Thanks for the kind support, Ronna!

Posted by: G-A-Y | Mar 16, 2010 2:30:57 PM

There are databases and information available to track known gang members in one's geographical area. I know that Boston has serious gang problems tinged with racial divisiveness.

In Los Angeles, the gang activity is likely to rise back to 1990's statistical levels because there are criminals (in feeder activity like drug use, petty assault and weapons charges) who are being release due to budget woes.
A ten year old girl was shot (she will live, but has serious injuries to her leg,hip and back with temp paralysis and nerve damage and has to use a colostomy bag.) almost a week ago while playing b-ball in a front yard. The shooter was 17 and deliberately aimed at the girl.

Two weeks ago a 17 month old toddler was shot in the neck and head and remains critical.

If MassResistance were so pro family, perhaps their energies, scrutiny and scorn should be reserved for derelict parents and neglected children. Perhaps if they knew how much drug use, it's attending violence cost society, compared to how much transfolk did (if at all), perhaps they'd notice their priorities are seriously twisted.

How many MR members have adopted children out of the foster care system?
If any of them knew how many abandoned children long for permanent, loving homes, that is another avenue they could explore when it comes to saving children in need.

Instead, they spend their hours and days pointing out the INNOCUOUS activity of the LGBT at points of the highest concentration in the gathering of said minority at a CONVENTION or public parade or meeting, and MR makes it looks like a crime is going down.

I have encountered trans women in the bathroom, and at the gym in the locker room. I worked with a trans woman at one time and shared the locker room there too.
What does MR want me to feel? I'm not afraid of trans folk and nobody can make me.

It's people with CAMERAS, something that can be as intimidating as a GUN, who are prepared to deliberately damage another person is who can be truly dangerous.

The last paragraph serves a serious point. I'm a crime scene photographer. You have to enter a person's life when they are at their most vulnerable, invade the most private and sorrowful of situations and bear witness to the most depraved or tragic of any human incident and accident.

Respect must be paid with a camera. One has to understand the power of that camera's eye and what your responsibility is to that.

Which is why papparazi, cross a line and most of them have lost any sense of what entitlement means to document certain people for voyeurism and invasive entertainment purposes.

MR knows that these images are inflammatory, especially along with their captions and commentary. Considering the real acts of violence that have occurred against trans folk, MR's activity is dangerous, egregious and for that reason, worthy of scrutiny, if censoring is not an option.

If those unsuspecting folks at the convention, knew to what purpose MR was using this footage, MR's little gadflies are lucky one of those tall women didn't make them EAT their camera!

Posted by: Regan DuCasse | Mar 16, 2010 5:05:51 PM

What kind of sick, sick person films people in the bathroom and puts it on youtube?! Much less to further their own hate speech.
That can't be legal.

Posted by: Skeletondog | Mar 18, 2010 9:50:33 PM

The Family Research council in action. I've seen them. Hitler in America. They get more mad and extreme day by day.

They belong in a lunatic asylum. Or just give them and their bibles to the Taliban.

Nutcases deserve nutcases. It would make a good but short war movie.

You aint seen nuthing yet until you see these seething shitheads in action.

Posted by: Peter Sprigg | Mar 19, 2010 12:42:28 AM

"Of course she wants to use the women't restroom. They are clean.

Posted by: Wrecks | Mar 16, 2010 12:33:57 PM"

In comparison to what?

You really ought to clean both men, and womens bathrooms a few times, women can be real pigs when it comes to public bathrooms.

Posted by: Maintenance man | Mar 20, 2010 5:57:43 PM

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