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NOM links Noam -- but why?

by Jeremy Hooper

Without explanation or any commentary beyond a headline, Maggie Gallagher has today used her space on the National Review's "Corner" blog to link to a video of Noam Chomsky. The subject? The one thing that Maggie makes tougher for those same-sex couples who have been lucky enough to find it:

A sweet vid, for sure. But why did Maggie, America's most public opponent of gay people's legal lovin', linking to it now? The vid's already several months old, and it's not like Chomsky is a socially conservative ally. And social injustice is a big theme in Noam's clip. So what possible theme could Ms. Equal Love ≠ Justice be drawing from it?

Though it's probably best to not try to decipher Maggie's latest link to love. After all, she's been comparing our unions to societal evil for so long, she's more than proven that rational basis is no prerequisite for her love linkage.

**Maggie's pithy post: What is this thing called love? [Corner]

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Your thoughts

It's not April Fools day... is it? Does Maggie know who Chomsky is? He certainly isn't one who espouses her myopia. Maybe she is beginning to see the merits of socialism?? Maybe she is about to embark on a new career where she doesn't wield religious power as a weapon against society?? Maybe in a hung-over, still mostly drunken stupor, she rolled back over in bed after mistakenly telling one of the interns to "phone it in" for her?? (can you imagine interns at NOM??)

Posted by: Dick Mills | Mar 10, 2010 1:08:00 PM

She probably linked what he said about African Americans during the Civil Rights movement experiencing violence in their churches to post-Prop 8 protests at Mormon churches.

I'm pretty sure Professor Chomsky is in favor of marriage equality though, so she should probably find out a little bit more about people before she goes citing them....

Posted by: Rosemary | Mar 10, 2010 5:25:46 PM

This thing called love, I just can't handle it!

Posted by: Dan T. | Mar 10, 2010 10:52:53 PM

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