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NOM's grassroots are showing

by Jeremy Hooper

What kind of comments can one find on the National Organization For Marriage's Facebook page? Well, mixed in with the standard talking points are things like....

The direct approach:

Screen Shot 2010-03-03 At 8.36.36 Am-2

The denial of gay people's moral compasses:

Screen Shot 2010-03-03 At 8.36.56 Am-2

The anti-American idea that takes the concept of a Federal Marriage Amendment to a whole new level:

Screen Shot 2010-03-03 At 8.38.12 Am-2

The obedience to NOM's strict instruction to not refer to marriage bans as what they truly are:

Screen Shot 2010-03-03 At 8.39.27 Am-2

The belief that we equality activists are just too dense to understand their <sarcasm> thoroughly intellectual and oh so highly nuanced </sarcasm> "protect marriage" stances:

Screen Shot 2010-03-03 At 8.38.04 Am-2

The familiar "gays = child molesters" meme:

Screen Shot 2010-03-03 At 8.37.12 Am-2

And finally: The denial of gays' very role in the natural order:

Screen Shot 2010-03-03 At 8.40.23 Am-2
National Organization For Marriage's official Facebook page [F'book]

This is the kind of stuff that Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, Robert George, Chris Plante, Damon Owens, Mary Beth Hutchins, and all of the rest of the NOM associates cultivate on a daily basis. Of course you'll never hear any of it in their ads or press releases, because their movement refuses to leave the house without their "nice" masks firmly in place. But as days drift by and equality makes its benign way to more and more jurisdictions (Mazel tov, D.C.!), that mask is ever more rapidly slipping. With increased transparency will come peace.


**EARLIER: Check out the truly eye-opening F'book comment that NOM once posted under its own name (only to yank it moments later): NOM: Yanking gays' rights, America's chain, and now -- their own Facebook comments [G-A-Y]

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Your thoughts

And someone from NOM deletes any pro-same sex marriage statements immediately, ironically leaving the comments by NOM supporters who complain that their voices aren't being heard.

Posted by: homer | Mar 3, 2010 10:16:09 AM

Actually, on their mother ship site, nomblog.org, the problems are worse. A few NOM members will post the usual "gays are pedophiles," "gays are bad parents" posts to which colleagues and I have responded with civil rebuttals with educational information and links. Amazing a NOM employee will delete these rebuttals, leaving the original harmful posts. As on the Facebook page, after the censoring it appears that no one has or can contest the harmful post, thus giving it false credibility.

If this isn't an action of a hate group?

Posted by: Bob Barnes | Mar 3, 2010 10:47:22 AM

heh - I actually /reported the guy saying same-sex marriage is evil.

There's another quip that I saw this morning that I particularly enjoyed. A pro-gay poster went off the handle swearing at the NOM people (totally a bad move), and one of the anti-gays said something to the effect of, "this is what we expect from you people - if you were polite, we'd actually engage with you!" Ummmm no, buddy, you won't because despite the fact I never once swore or was even uncivil on that page, I was banned.

Posted by: DN | Mar 3, 2010 11:08:34 AM

Gee, I'm actually kind of missing CNN's blogosphere up-days that checked on what was being said on such sites as FB, etc.! Esp. if NOM's FB site were fair game. :o)

@ Bob Barns, some months ago I posted a rather long-winded post to one of their Blogs using my detached-sounding academic "voice", and it was up for at least a week, as far as *I* recall. Of course, when I presented evidence from antiquity and contemporary societies and religions allowing two people of the same gender to marry--and how and why religious marriages are different CIVIL and SECULAR marriage--I was "shot down" time and again by posters to censured me, with, "Those don't COUNT as REAL marriages!" Hell, someone over at YouTube told me his story of trying to get married eight years back:

He is an atheist, and so is his wife, but when he finally told his folks that he was going to get married, his family's church actually protested outside the clerk's office and tried to prevent them from entering, chanting, "Marriage is God's domain!"

On a local Iowan news blog I attempted to discuss history and anthropology re: marriage equality (as I did with NOM, citing references and examples they could easily look up), and one woman tried to defend "traditional marriage" as purely for the children! "Well," I asked, "What if people are elderly and don't want children? Even some Gay people don't want children--I, myself, don't particularly *like* children!" To which she reacted with "A HA!" as if she'd caught me admitting to something that should render me a depraved individual (even inferring that it was probably true, secretly, of ALL Gay people!), just because I don't like or want kids, and don't think I would be a good father.

Posted by: Wade MacMorrighan | Mar 3, 2010 3:01:50 PM

NOM is nothing more than a front group for the right wing religious nutbags (Catholics, Baptists, LDS) members in order to line their own pockets with 501(c)(4) donations. They have no real agenda other than filling up their bank accounts with hate money.

Posted by: Mykelb | Mar 3, 2010 3:53:23 PM

Meethinks some very uneducated fools who THINK they are educated try to act like they know what "Moral Relativism" is... Good job NOM-ers, you took an introductory Philosophy class - now explain how it DOESN'T apply to your Nazi-asses

Posted by: Bry | Mar 3, 2010 9:47:07 PM

It sucks that one must be a "fan" in order to comment

Posted by: Jen | Mar 4, 2010 10:38:09 AM

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