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NOM can feign outrage all they want. We smell their fear!

by Jeremy Hooper

The Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee recently killed an amendment to constitutionally ban marriage equality in the Keystone State, thanks in part to three state senators who seem to have evolved their views in the time since casting an anti-equality vote just two years ago. One of them, Sen. Lisa Boscola (D), shared her reasoning with the Associated Press:

Two years ago, [Boscola] said, she thought she should vote to allow voters to weigh in on the issue. But while she said she does not believe most people support legalizing gay marriage, she no longer believes the constitution should be used to outlaw it.

"That's not what the constitution is about," Boscola said.

Pa. Senate panel tables bill to ban gay marriage [AP via LDN]

Makes sense. It's a testament to the good work that we activists have done over the past few years, highlighting two simple American truths: That we don't vote on civil rights, and we don;t alter precious governing documents for the sole purpose of discrimination. Because of the affronts to justice that we've already endured and because of our strong reaction to the same, we've been able to move some minds. That's a good thing.

A good thing unless you're paycheck depends on discrimination. This from the National Organization For Marriage's Brian Brown:

On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee voted 8-6 to table the Marriage Protection Amendment, effectively killing SB207 for this year.

Nom Logo-3The eight votes to kill the amendment included three senators who voted for a similar measure in committee just two years ago.

Please take a moment to call and politely, yet forcefully, tell these three senators how disappointed you are that they would turn their backs on marriage and on the people of Pennsylvania, who overwhelmingly support the Marriage Protection Amendment. Especially if you live in their district, call and tell them you want, and expect, leaders who will stand for what is right, and not sell out to special interests.
PA Senate Committee Tables Marriage Amendment [NOM]

Because you see, this is NOM's worst nightmare. They can say that the shift was due to "special interests" and that the three senators "turned their backs" all that they want. But the truth is that at least one senator, and presumably all three (Sen. Mike Stack (R) and Sen. Mary Jo White (R) being the others), changed because of the much-needed civics lesson that the American public is receiving on this issue. And it's not just because of us pro-gay folk that the constitutional implications of tyrannical majority votes and minority-targeting amendments are coming to light. In fact, it's largely because NOM has pushed such biased bits o' hostility onto the public, and then overplayed their fallacious hands in selling them, that the dots of unfairness have become so fully connected. Dots that lead even those who oppose our marriages to also step up and oppose the misguided attacks against large swaths of the American citizenry!

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Your thoughts

"you want, and expect, leaders who will stand for what is right, and not sell out to special interests."

Absolutely. Amen. I agree.

And it appears that this is exactly what Boscola did. She stepped up and did what was right even though Maggie and her special interest "give my church veto over civil rights" group lobbied and argued and ran ads and lied and did everything they could to pressure.

Boscola didn't sell out.

Posted by: Timothy Kincaid | Mar 19, 2010 1:26:24 PM

I'd like to thank Maggie, Brian and the ADF for bringing the need for LGBT rights to light.

By exciting the radical religious right so they create a mockery of themselves. By creating a casual tone for the hate and bigotry to go unchecked so the most heinous can expose their true nature of existence. By touting the need for the religious morality to lead this country as religions show they do not possess such morality.

Yes, Maggie, I'll even thank you in person. I'll be at the 7-11 off of route 50 near the snack aisle. I'll greet you when you come in for your Cheetos and Slurpee run.

Posted by: Bob Barnes | Mar 19, 2010 1:35:15 PM

And still I *have* to wonder: Who's selling these dolts the view that it's the "American way" and "Democratic" to see to vote on people's private lives when NO OTHER minority or civil rights movement has EVER suffered such an indignity--EVER!!! Hell, I would just LOVE to see the media hammer this point home which, so far, they have NOT. *sigh*

Posted by: Wade MacMorrighan | Mar 19, 2010 2:43:28 PM

Until the Catholics/LDS stop funding Haggie and Lian we will have to contine to counter their fallacious "argument" that marriage is between one man and one woman.

After all, I am legally married to a man and their "argument" is no longer true; it's fact that gays are married. Nothing Haggie and Lian can do now.

Posted by: Mykelb | Mar 19, 2010 11:08:21 PM

Yep... They are becoming their own worst enemy!

Posted by: LOrion | Mar 20, 2010 2:09:44 PM

And thank the Cults of Jesus Inc for exposing the damage the Bush "Faith-Based Initiative" does in funding the $43 Million that the Hate & Fear Mongers spent on PropH8 and in Maine.
It's time for the Freedom of Information Act requests of the spending accounting from the "Faith Based Initiative" be exposed to all citizens.

Posted by: Kevin Andrews | Mar 20, 2010 3:31:23 PM

Kevin: I am totally lost on your reference to how the WH Faith Based Initiative(s) funded Prop8 and the Maine question. Can you please provide evidence? Has anyone requested documents from the WH or the Justice Department on Prop8 or Maine? If so, I would like to read them.

Posted by: Mykelb | Mar 21, 2010 3:45:17 AM

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