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Person actually qualified to speak on DADT does so

by Jeremy Hooper

Another one's coming around:

WASHINGTON — The four-star Army general who is managing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan says "the time has come" for the military to rethink its policy toward gays.
[David] Petraeus: 'Time has come' to rethink gay policy [AP via Google]

Petraeus has not come out for repeal himself. Though considering that the anti-equality position here tells gays to just shut up and accept their role as "social experiments" who would "weaken unit cohesion," David's desire for discourse is certainly in our favor.

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Your thoughts

It was my understanding per the HUFFPo article that he had 8.5 minutes of prepared speech that Levin didn't allow him time to read. Anyone found the transcript yet?

Posted by: LOrion | Mar 16, 2010 5:09:58 PM

This is functionally meaningless. We've been "discoursed" to death. Perhaps one has to grow up in a basketball obsessed state as I did to see that all that's happened is that Petraeus has just been pulled off the bench, like so many on the Pentagon Team before him, to continue Coach Obama's "run out the clock" strategy. The explanation follows.

After the Nov. 08 election, "Sports Illustrated" published a lengthy analysis called, "The Audacity of HOOPS" observing, "As a boy Barack Obama began playing basketball, and he never stopped." His basketball coach brother-in-law believes it helped him get elected, ticking off the basketball-crazed states he won over Repugs. There are mulitple YouTube videos dedicated to nothing but film of him playing. He's repeatedly taken time from working on his "full plate" to comment during televised games, predict who's going to win this or that one, and plays himself as often as he can, often enough to be criticized for playing only men.

Starting with the time in '08 when he first began to backtrack on his many promises to start fighting for repeal the DAY HE TOOK OFFICE, he is obviously convinced that actually dping that will cost the Dems midterm votes. So he's continued, as he has with many issues, and most gay-related ones, to simply blow air kisses at it. As so many of his other misjudgments over the last 14 months, this one doesn't stand up to analysis. Despite the huffing and puffing of the Trogs like John McShame and the cowardice of repeal fence sitters in Congress eager to embrace any excuse not to vote to end DADT because they share Obama's unjustifed fear, there is no reason to believe, with the consistent wide margins of public support for repeal, that such votes would cost a SINGLE seat in Congress that the Dems would OTHERWISE win.

Running out the clock in basketball involves using a "lead protection offense in the late stages of a game - that is, go into a 'stall' mode by holding the ball and passing sporadically."

THE CLOCK RUNNING OUT: time left until midterm elections after which chances of repeal will equal those of the proverbial snowball in Hell.

LATE STAGE OF THE GAME: Obama did not directly call Congress to even "WORK" on repeal until after the first year of his Presidency; only ten months before the clock runs out.

WHO'S IN THE LEAD: genuine opponents [no matter WHAT they SAY] of repeal, from Gates on down.

THE STALL: while delaying addressing Congress directly, over that year, Obama repeatedly passed to them. Then the game strategy switched to "holding the ball"...sending his subordinate SECDEF Robert Gates and Gates' subordinates to Congress to tell them, just like Petreaus, they MUST NOT REPEAL UNTIL AFTER they've completed "The Study" which, ooops, surprise, surprise, will only be done, at the earliest, by December 1st...one month AFTER the buzzer has sounded on repeal for years.

And we're being played in the process, clapping like trained seals whenever another brass asshat "supports" the IDEA of repeal...without noticing that the more important thing they're all saying, per Coach Obama's game plan, is "run out the clock, stall, hold, pass, stall, hold."

REPEAL as fast as Congressional procedures permit.

Posted by: Michael @ LeonardMatlovich.com | Mar 16, 2010 5:30:13 PM

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