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The Boxer (heavy on the 'Lie la lie' part)

by Jeremy Hooper

New York "pro-family" groups want to punch us through a sheet of white paper. Or something:

(***video has now been pulled. basically it was a boxer punching at air/white paper to make the point that the anti-equality side is "countering our attacks." yes, I'm serious. the radio spot, below, does still work.)

And here's a radio spot:

"Counter Punch" [NYFRF]

*How you can fight back against these unprovoked attacks: Fight Back NY

*And now a palate cleanser:

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Your thoughts

Did I miss something? Same-sex marriage IS inevitable. 5 states, plus DC and recognition in NY and MD. Not to mention 18000 married couples in CA and DPs and civil unions in more than a handful of states.

The culture war was lost by the Christian right when Vermont enacted civil unions in 2000.

Looks like they got the inspiration for that fist through the paper from Jackass 2.

Posted by: stojef | Mar 2, 2010 4:44:39 PM

"did I miss something?"

Only the delivery of far-right talking points, stojef. The rest of us of course know that we're on the inevitable path towards fairness.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Mar 2, 2010 4:48:45 PM

Don't these folks ever hire anyone with experience in media matters? This has to be one of the most lame ads I've ever seen on their side.

In reality that's about all through which they could punch - paper. This 45-year-old bodybuilder will take on any one of those flabby bigots upon request, and it'll be MY glove that will ultimately be red.

Posted by: Dale | Mar 2, 2010 5:15:09 PM

I went to the YouTube page for these wankers and posted my comments which do not show up. Such 'brave' souls they be.

Posted by: John Ozed | Mar 3, 2010 5:44:46 PM

The boxer's hot! The rest of it's crap.

Posted by: Charles Lambert | Mar 4, 2010 5:47:32 AM

Isn't that the theme from Avatar? They should expect a cease and desist letter from James Cameron soon.

Posted by: Chris | Mar 4, 2010 10:36:44 AM

That's the best they can do?

Posted by: Yanz | Mar 4, 2010 12:42:14 PM

Wow. Throwing punches at gays.

Posted by: XPT | Mar 4, 2010 5:36:51 PM

Their best shot? Well they are done!
Now we can get back to work on the real job all of us have - learning how to try to love each other.

To my brothers and sisters who stand on the otherside of this I can only say that the force (God if you will) that seeks to bind us in love with love through love closer together -first as two then adding to the circle rippling outward IS SPEAKING- Loving is Good. Keep working at it with whomever you can find to partner with...all the rest is just as insubstantial as, well, a white paper wall.

Posted by: R L Pete Housman | Mar 4, 2010 7:38:09 PM

Someone needs to contact Hans Zimmer. I seriously doubt they've paid royalty fees for the use of his score.

Posted by: Aaron | Mar 4, 2010 8:49:02 PM

Video has been removed. I imagine the Avatar theme was a big reason why.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Mar 5, 2010 8:22:01 AM

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