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Video: Big night for Mo'Nique, unique anti-'mos

by Jeremy Hooper

Clearly someone prefers the beautiful artistry of the Tony Awards:

But hey, it's nice that Steve Drain recognizes our marriages to be "fait accompli." We can take the pictures of two gold statues schtooping, just as long as these folks stop f***ing with our right to insert other body parts into two gold rings.

And now, to sing you out of this post: Yet another needless remake of "We Are The World":

Poor girls. But hey, this was the year of Precious things that have been victimized by cruel upbringings. Hopefully they too will triumph over the adversity.


*RELATED: The Phelpses are heading to SCOTUS:

The [Supreme Court] agreed Monday to consider whether the protesters' message, no matter how provocative and upsetting, is protected by the First Amendment. Members of a Kansas-based church have picketed military funerals to spread their belief that U.S. deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq are punishment for the nation's tolerance of homosexuality.

The justices will hear an appeal from the father of a Marine killed in Iraq to reinstate a $5 million verdict against the protesters, after they picketed outside his son's funeral in Maryland.

High Court Will Hear Anti-Gay Funeral Protest Case [AP via NPR]

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Your thoughts

"It's lowest on the rung of human depravity."

I've been working in law enforcement for a while. Crime scene photography pretty much is a ringside seat to all manner of human depravity, excess, incidents and accidents.

You have to be confronted with so many things, and in the context of how many ways human beings can victimized one another, there seems to be no depth or limit in that.

So here is THIS guy, with a graphic I'm sure the little ones in his family have been exposed to more than he could accuse a gay person of doing to this protester's family.
Here come the know it alls whose inbred social networks and integration would insulate them from a great deal of reality.

I have tried to tell people like him about my background and what I see day to day. One only need ask a police officer, or a soldier...and they will tell you, the lowest of human depravity is NOT homosexuality.
Not even close. Not even worth the attention it unduly gets as 'the lowest'.

But, you'd think I was such a criminal or morally bankrupt myself for saying so, the way I get attacked for my support of gay individuals.
I think my profession gives me complete license to speak on what is depraved and what isn't.
But alas, the committed haters out there don't want to hear it, don't even want ASSURANCE that gay people aren't the worst, nor the worst THING that could happen to mankind.
So, there is no credit due here to this bearded man and his opinion. His opinion lacks in so many things. Most of all, the trust and reality.

I wish they hadn't shown up in Hollywood, but I'm sorry I missed them. I could try and tell them where the true depravity and menace to society is, but I doubt they are brave enough for that.
It's much easier to bitch about gay people and point fingers in THAT direction, than the conditions that put that homeless CHILD right under their noses.

I despair for the gay children in that family. I know that Shirley Roper is as racist as she is anti gay.

I know that these little towheaded kids are kept from reality, but after a while, they won't have the internal or mental ability to handle reality and will only have a few routes to go.
None of which might be escape.

This protester actually exhibits MORE of the human depravity I encounter. He's mean, he's ignorant, paranoid and ill informed and I'm certain: he's marginal.
There won't be much around him to test his ability to function with the likes of us.

Us who can live with people very diverse from ourselves and not only respect that coexistence, but EMBRACE it and be ENRICHED by it.

This man clearly is VERY afraid. A real pants wetter and thinks he's being courageous and one of God's better faithfuls for being obnoxious and carrying signs all over creation.
If he thinks films made by, for and about gay people is depraved then he seriously is VERY misinformed.

I want to laugh at this fool who takes himself SO seriously. He's so empty of substance and has NO flair.
He's loud, very firm in what he believes, but what he believes is STUPID and he doesn't care that he's voided what's SMART for what's cheap.

It's on them that there are Christians who think that's enough credential to mouth off about their beliefs, but have no real work they care to do to make those credentials solid.
I for one don't genuflect or acknowledge that it's enough to SAY you're Christian and that's it.

I need something ELSE to make me trust WHAT KIND.
There are good Christians and BAD ones.
And there are bad Christians who hate it when you know the difference and call them on it.

Tough shit.

There are people out there who want to get on with their lives without bad Christians smelling up the neighborhood with sexually explicit signs.

So, the Phelp's are off to SCOTUS. The very people who disdain 'men's laws' and feel no obligation to them.

I hope that perhaps the judges rule that free speech comes with responsibilities. That the more the Phelps require the government to protect them from getting their noses busted, the less the government will be able to intervene in that regard.

For now, it's really a shame to see pretty little girls being taught how to be cowardly fools like the elders of their family.
I guess there's not Constitutional protection for stupidity, and the sooner the Phelps learn that, the better.

Posted by: Regan DuCasse | Mar 8, 2010 3:48:53 PM

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