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Video: Those gays -- they just make me sooo angry by virtue of their mere existences! Ya know what? I'm gonna grab my mic and web cam and record a hit piece. Yea, that's what I'll do. That'll show 'em

by Jeremy Hooper

Why do social conservatives so often, so aggressively fail to understand that we gay activists are not seeking the ancillary right to have a "mockery of a wedding ceremony" in a church, but rather the civil right to instead have a CIVIL marriage?

Why do so many evangelical, right-leaning folks accuse liberals of greed, when the insatiable need to gain, gain, gain is so demonstrably rich on the GOP side of the fence?

How do these self-professed "pro-family" types toss out the word "militant" so casually and non-ironically, when they themselves are the ones taking time out of their days to make web videos aimed for no greater purpose than to callously attack gay people's roles within the natural realm?

Is that wall behind you more of a mustard or an egg yolk yellow? It looks more mustardy, but a low light situation might render it a little darker on camera. I ask, because I might be in the market for some flaxen hued paint -- so would you at all mind sending me the exact brand and shade, so that I might take the information to my local paint and supply store in order to acquire a similarly golden tint?

These and many other questions come to mind after seeing this:

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