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DADT protesters are 'starved for attention', says he who only has attention b/c of his war on gays

by Jeremy Hooper

And now this latest bit of "charm" from J. Matt "one man violently cramming his penis into another man’s lower intestine and calling it ‘love’” Barber:

Don’t these one-trick ponies have any new material? America’s response: a collective eye-roll. We get it: you’re starved for attention. Seeing these overly pampered radicals hand-cuffed to the White House fence – wearing and dishonoring the military uniform in such a way – I was reminded of the Village People. (My apologies to the Village People.)

“[Dan Choi] has now compounded the reasons for discharge from the Armed Services. Not only is he in open violation of federal law, which holds that homosexuality is incompatible with military service; he continues to disobey orders through his public activism — mocking, embarrassing and undermining his Commander-in-Chief. (Such protests are prohibited for active-duty servicemen under the UCMJ.) Yet Obama, rather than having the guts to toss out this insubordinate, media-hungry troublemaker, continues to pander to the militant Homosexual Lobby — effectively insuring with his promised repeal of Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell that the ranks of the Armed Services will overflow with equally obnoxious, San Francisco-style militants.
” [Source]

Wait, he's disparaging a group of deeply hurt American citizens who are having to pause their lives to fight for their right to have both an armed services career and a loved one to whom they can openly return home, and yet they are supposedly the "obnoxious" ones? Perhaps we're just unfamiliar with the term, but in our vocabulary, it much more readily applies to a hetero-identified man who unwarrantedly takes time out of his day to liken brave men and women to a campy disco band then it does to those same brave men and women who take a stand so as not to be forced into a closet!


*Oh, and by the way, Matt: Considering you rehash the same old lines over and over again to the point of unintentional comedy ("Patrick Henry marrying Henry Patrick"; "newfangled"; "San Francisco-style"; "uncompromising human biology"; and so on), you might want to be careful about tossing around "one-trick pony" kinds of reductions.

**Oh, and by the way, Matt: If you're going to so frequently and aggressively condemn the city of San Francisco (Google: "San Francisco-style" "Matt Barber"), then perhaps you should stop spending time there:

Matt Barber's public Facebook photos (no need to "friend" him to see them) [F'book]
(**UPDATE: Matt has now locked down his Facebook page. Photos and wall are no longer visible)

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