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FACT: Focus on the Family this week became 10x more discriminatory

by Jeremy Hooper

Congratulations, Focus on the Family. Because you succumbed to his pressure and reversed your past comments about judging a SCOTUS nominee on the basis of their qualifications rather than their sexual orientations (with FOtF's Tom Minnery now calling a potential LGB nominee a "non-starter"), professional anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera is now commending your "bold" turnaround. You know, because even the most Harvard trained of judicial scholars have a "mark against their character" if he or she happens to be gay:

Focus on the Family has wisely corrected statements by two of its staffers who stated last year that the “sexual orientation” of judicial nominees – i.e., their homosexuality – would not disqualify them to sit on the nation’s highest court. Focus had been privately correcting those comments after Gary Glenn of AFA-Michigan criticized Focus’ “moral retreat” on homosexuality. Focus’ new position – first reported by AFTAH – is biblically sound because it focuses on behavior as helping to define a judge’s character.
Americans For Truth, like other pro-family groups that honor the authority of Scripture, believes that homosexuality is best understood not as an “identity” but as a behavior – one that is wrong, destructive, and unnatural. Thankfully, homosexual conduct also is changeable (1 Corinthians 6:9-11), as evinced by the countless former homosexual men and ex-lesbians living happy lives.

Supposed “gay” identity is a modern construct that undermines moral truth and people’s responsibility for their own conduct. Men and women (proudly) practicing homosexuality often are driven to justify their errant lifestyle. Even those practicing homosexuality in secret often work to promote its acceptance.

This is why people practicing homosexuality often make bad judges: even if they don’t admit it, due to their sexual self-interest, they will have a hard time fairly adjudicating cases involving homosexuality. If a judge personally views opponents of homosexuality as bigots, haters, or “homophobes” – the former terms falsely equate the outworking of faith with prejudice and malice; the latter cynically equates morality with irrational fear – will he or she be able to deal with them justly? Will homosexual judges be diligent in protecting Americans’ constitutional religious liberties – i.e., to disagree with homosexuality? Or will they – like lesbian law professor and newly-appointed EEOC Commissioner Chai Feldblum – decide that, in most cases, “gay rights” considerations should supersede the freedom of people to act based on their moral opposition to homosexuality?

Homosexuality is not special and it should be treated like any other sexual sin. Homosexuality (like gender confusion) does not deserve “civil rights” status. Judicial nominees who practice it – or worse, practice it proudly – have a mark against their character that absolutely should be considered as a potential source of bias, and even anti-religious animus, in their future rulings.
LaBarbera Commends Focus for Clarifying Its Principled Opposition to Homosexual Judges [AFTAH Pres Release]

"Oh say can you see? By the dawn's early light. What so proudly we..."

Oh sorry about that. For a second I thought I was an equal American who is to be judged on the content of my character, not the color of my pride flag.


*Reminder about Pete's career: This is a man who personally attacks people's weddings, personally attacks transgender individuals for no reason whatsoever, publicly mocks a six-year-old girl and her family as a way of making a point about a state's marriage ruling, asks readers to send emails to an underage teenager so that the young gay man might "find and receive godly counsel and escape the clutches of a sin movement that endangers body and soul," and whose body of beyond-the-pale work (including repeated links to discredited researcher Paul Cameron) has twice attracted the attention of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Among many other points we could drag out, of course.

*And don't forget: It's not only LaBarbera with whom Focus has joined forces. Bryan Fischer, a man who has compared gays to heroin abusers (among many other affronts) is also on board with the idea: He who recently compared gays to heroin abusers joins Focus on the Family in anti-gay SCOTUSness [G-A-Y]

**SEE ALSO: Join us on Facebook to resist this ridiculous (and eye-opening) discrimination.

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