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He who recently compared gays to heroin abusers joins Focus on the Family in anti-gay SCOTUSness

by Jeremy Hooper

FischerYesterday it was a Peter LaBarbera-Focus on the Family coalition. Today it's the American Family Association's most reliably over-the-top personality, Bryan Fischer, who is automatically disqualifying potential Supreme Court nominees on the basis of their sexual orientations:

If we elevate an open homosexual to the Supreme Court, we will be elevating someone who freely admits that he (generic use) engages routinely in behavior that was still a felony in every state in the Union as recently as 1962 and a felony in the other 49 states until 1972.

Sodomy is still a felony in the criminal code of about a dozen states. The Lawrence decision of 2003, an egregious act of judicial activism, prohibited enforcement of these laws, but the fact remains that 25% of the states in the Union still regard it as criminal behavior.

We simply should not elevate to the highest court in the land people who are known for engaging in sexually abnormal behavior which would technically make them felons in a quarter of the states over which they will have jurisdiction.
A homosexual judge cannot help but give the home-field advantage to every legal team appearing before him who represents homosexual causes. It will be impossible for the visiting team, the team representing sexual normalcy and natural marriage, to get a fair shake in his courtroom.
With an active homosexual on the bench, Lady Justice will no longer even pretend to be blind. She will be peeking out from under her blindfold to determine the sexual preference of those standing before her, then will let the fold slip back into place before ruling in every case to legitimize sexual deviancy.

Bottom line: the American ideal of absolute equality before the law will inevitably be shredded by a homosexual judge. Neither the Constitution nor the American people should be subjected to that kind of judicial malpractice. We can and should expect more from those who occupy seats on the highest bench in the land.
Homosexual Supreme Court Justice? Not under any circumstances [AFA]

So basically, a heterosexual person who offensively refers to homosexual as "sexual deviancy" and who suggests that felony punishment is both right and fair is, to social conservatives like Mr. Fischer, just a voice of "sexual normalcy and natural marriage." But a LGBT person, regardless of his or her qualifications and record, is biased?! That's like a cat lover saying that a dog lover's opinion on the price of Fancy Feast is innately flawed and biased, since he or she holds the supposedly wrong-headed opinion that those nasty, flea-infested, bone-loving mongrels known as canines could ever be acceptable house pets!

But the truth: Cats and dogs are both awesome. So are straights and gays. And the ability to consider the constitution as it pertains to human beings is a concept that is built in the court and classrooms, not the bedroom that the anti-gay side wants to turn into an interrogation room, or litter box through which the same team wants to drag fair-minded justice's names!

What's not at all awesome is the notion that fairness should be defined by those whose professional lives revolve around hurting any and everyone who is not exactly like them! Mr. Fischer has proven himself to be one of the socially conservative movement's most fanatical voices, with a whole host of unreasoned opinions (see below) on his own judicial record. If he wants to criticize others' ability to do a fair job, he needs to first own his inability to do anything resembling the same.

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