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Video: Dentist doses us with No-'mo-cane

by Jeremy Hooper

And now this denunciation of your life, courtesy of oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Robert W. Christensen:

Show of hands: How many LGBT people among us want to think about what Mr. Christensen does with his heterosexual partner when they are in the bedroom? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller. Bueller.

So yea, 'rosexual pals: Before you start basing at least part of your condemnations around your own inability or desire to describe a love whose name you personally dare not speak and orgasms you personally dare not enjoy, then first consider that there are a whole slew of your fellow citizens who are just as turned off by your coitus as you are turned off by theirs. Some of us are just adult enough to say "No thank you, I've have that instead" rather than work to piss on everyone else's Happy Meals.

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