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Video: For every one of Maggie's laughs there are ten times as many gay kids crying

by Jeremy Hooper

She just amuses herself so damn much:

Maggie at Southern Evangelical Seminary, 4/01/10

Yea, Maggie? Humans have always come up with "the same basic marriage idea" throughout history? Well maybe if you are willing to give up your free will as a female, then you can go back into history and transplant your current marriage to the forms that most commonly existed in the past. But most modern women who value love and commitment in their marriages above being forced by money, power, or family into their unions would have a hard time saying that marriage in 2010 America is "the same basic idea" as it was in the not so distant past!

Marriage has, can, will, and should change with the times. Nobody should understand this more than a Catholic woman who's married to a Hindu man who is not the father of her out-of-wedlock child.

-Listen to Maggie and Robert George promoting this appearance: ARCHIVED: Maggie Gallagher and Robert George on AFA Radio [G-A-Y]

-Check out the flyer they used in the promotions, on which they fully admit what they never will in their campaigns: that they are, in fact, against certain kinds of marriages: Taking people's $14 to stop a non-problem: Either smartest or most ignoble April Fool's prank of the year [G-A-Y]

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