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Video: Gays as a pox on 'the health of the marriage culture'

by Jeremy Hooper

Because only dual-gendered marriage can create virtuous people, dontcha know:

The National Organization For Marriage's Robert George at Southern Evangelical Seminary, 4/01/10

So sorry, totality of society that doesn't fit into Mr. George's myopic view of acceptability. Maybe if we're lucky, they'll let us create our own single/infertile/gay/divorced/supportive of equality/married-somewhere-other-than-a-church/progressive reservation on some faraway island somewhere. We'll have to wait and see what President Palin allows.

-Listen to Robert and Maggie Gallager promoting this appearance: ARCHIVED: Maggie Gallagher and Robert George on AFA Radio [G-A-Y]

-Check out the flyer they used in the promotions, on which they fully admit what they never will in their campaigns: that they are, in fact, against certain kinds of marriages: Taking people's $14 to stop a non-problem: Either smartest or most ignoble April Fool's prank of the year [G-A-Y]

-Robert profiled by The New York Times Magazine, where he's painted as the most influential conservative Catholic in the nation: NOM: No meat in their arguments, no meat on their Fridays [G-A-Y]

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