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You say you want a resolution? Well, you know -- we all want to change the exclusionary BSA policy!

by Jeremy Hooper

FACT: No group has a right to have their anniversary honored by any kind of government resolution. Obviously

FACT: Those who do seek such an honor will be on much better footing if they have a history of inclusion rather than discrimination.

FACT: Should a local body fail to recognize a group due to their lack of inclusion on "moral" grounds, it does not mean that the body hates said group. It simply means that they don't support civil government honoring private institutions who justify on religious grounds.

FACT: If an LGBT group such as PFLAG had a policy that explicitly banned heterosexuals and Christians the way that the Boy Scouts specifically bans atheists and gays, they too would be unfit for a civil government resolution. We'd 100% understand why they were denied.


Only in the California Assembly can something as simple as recognizing the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts turn into a smack down.

Last week, when Republicans introduced a resolution honoring a century of Boy Scouts in America, the forces of political correctness – led by the Democrat majority – lashed out in a frothing feeding frenzy of “tolerance” and reflexively put the Republicans into a head lock.

The reason? Despite years of pressure and reprisals from gay activist groups and other arbiters of political correctness, the Boy Scouts of America have steadfastly refused to bow before the Altar of Diversity and allow girls, atheists, and open homosexuals into their ranks. Therefore they must be punished. Lessons must be taught. Pressure must be brought to bear.

Never mind the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the Boy Scouts are a private organization which has the right to set standards for leadership and membership which reflect their deeply held values and mores. No, the Boy Scouts must conform to the sexualized dogmas of the Church of the Left or be flogged in the public square for all to see.
KEEP READING: Boy Scout Anniversary Incites Politically Correct Flogging in California [FOtF CitizenLink]

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