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AFA again listening to wrong end of horse

by Jeremy Hooper

Dr. Francis Collins has pointedly repudiated the way that the fringe social conservatives at the so-called "American College of Pediatricians" have used his work:

Statement from NIH Director Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., in Response to the American College of Pediatricians
Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D.


April 15, 2010

“It is disturbing for me to see special interest groups distort my scientific observations to make a point against homosexuality. The American College of Pediatricians pulled language out of context from a book I wrote in 2006 to support an ideology that can cause unnecessary anguish and encourage prejudice. The information they present is misleading and incorrect, and it is particularly troubling that they are distributing it in a way that will confuse school children and their parents.”
NIH Director, Francis Collins, denounces American College of Pediatricians [Throckmorton]

But since when does the far-right care about a little thing like what a researcher says about his own research? This from the American Family Association's Marcia Segelstein, as part of a new piece designed to repudiation Gay-Straight Alliances:

Reluctantrebel Logo 2-1A few weeks ago, America's public school supervisors received another letter, this one from the American College of Pediatricians
It quotes Dr. Francis Collins, former Director of the Genome Project, as stating that homosexuality isn't "hardwired by DNA." It goes on to cite a research study recently released by the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) called "What Research Shows." That study drew three major conclusions. One is that people with unwanted same-sex attraction can be treated successfully. Please note carefully the word "unwanted." NARTH works with people who, of their own volition, want to be freed from same-sex attraction. The second conclusion was that, despite what the "Just the Facts" letter stated, there is absolutely no evidence that undergoing such treatment is harmful. And the third conclusion is that, "as a group, homosexuals experience significantly higher levels of mental and physical health problems compared to heterosexuals."
Should schools promote 'gay clubs'? [ONN]

So clearly Segelstein, like all of the other social cons who keep citing Collins, are doing so because they think it lends credence to the NARTH claims, which the vast majority recognize as being biased and agenda-laden. But what kind of writer seriously sits down and dedicates time to the seeming goal of creating a cogent argument, yet completely overlooks what one of their cited examples says with his own two lips??! Or better yet: What kind of consumer relies on the kind of "news" sources that allow for embolden such intellectually dishonest practices?


**SOMEWHAT RELATED: Rekers is on the American College of Pediatricians' board

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