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Breaking: Another European country makes American gays jealous

by Jeremy Hooper
LISBON, Portugal — Portugal's conservative president says he has decided to ratify a law allowing gay marriage in the predominantly Catholic country.
The head of state's decision to permit the enactment of a bill passed by Parliament in January makes Portugal the sixth European country allowing same-sex couples to wed.
Portugal becomes 6th European country to allow gay marriage after president's OK [AP via Google]

Wait a minute: Doesn't a Portugese Water Dog live with the First Family in the White House? Perhaps it's time for our "fierce advocate" to adopt another kind of commodity from República Portuguesa"?


*NOTE: Yes, we have five jurisdictions here in America where gays can marry (Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont & Washington, D.C), which collectively make up a larger area than Portugal. But the jealousy comes from an entire country voluntarily passing marriage equality, with the head of state signing it into law (even despite personal qualms). We need more of that kind of principled action here, with a unified marriage system in all fifty states.

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