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Hey Pete: If you're going to send your foxes to hound me, first destroy the connections!

by Jeremy Hooper

Last night, just ten minutes after Peter LaBarbera and I had the email exchange referenced in this post, this writer got an email from an anonymous person identified as "foxhound ny":

Screen Shot 2010-05-07 At 8.50.35 Am-4

It read like so (one part redacted, because it's way too cruel to print):


Now, based on the information in this email, I knew it was clearly not a layman responding to my earlier post. This person knew several bloggers' names, and clearly had an intense bone to pick. So I got curious.

Well, searching "foxhoundny" didn't turn up much. It did, however, turn up this one blip from YouTube:


So what is this (NSFW) YT clip, you ask? Well, it's amateur video from something called "Folsom Street East," one of those sadomasochist fests that I, a New Yorker, have never once heard of/experienced in any way, shape, or ball gag, but that Peter and Co. seem to always know far too much about. So since the off "foxhoundny" tag was included in the video, I got curious about this one. Did Peter cover this event?

Well, check this out. Pete did in fact cover the event. In two different posts. And in those posts, he says this of the video footage/screen caps that he uses:

Screen Shot 2010-05-07 At 9.12.37 Am-1

and this:

Screen Shot 2010-05-07 At 9.13.00 Am-1

Sooooo -- what does the footage from the person who PEte himself calls "a New York volunteer for AFTAH" look like? Wellllll -- it looks EXACTLY like what Peter ran on his site:

(at left is Pete's Folsom East post, at right is the YouTuber with 'foxhoundny' in his tags)

Screen Shot 2010-05-07 At 9.11.19 Am
Screen Shot 2010-05-07 At 9.10.36 Am
Screen Shot 2010-05-07 At 9.09.23 Am

Clearly it's the same footage. So clearly the "foxhoundny" who emailed me with intensely cruel personal attacks in connected, in some way, to Mr. LaBarbera. There is just way too much coincidence there! And since this "fox" is most likely not a regular reader of this here site, and since Pete hasn't posted about this latest email exchange on his own site, I can't help but believe that the "foxhoundny" email was somehow provoked by Pete himself. What other possibility is there, really?!

So let me just say a few things to to FoxhoundNY/ Peter:

-I'm not hiding. I've been on national TV a few times (one even aired internationally), I've appeared in mass market publications as both a subject and a writer, I'm working on my first book (which will hopefully come with a nice book tour), I've made public appearances as both a speaker and a panelist, and I show up at just about every progressive/LGBT political event that comes up. Tonight I will be at a Mets game. Tomorrow I will be in the Village most of the day. Sunday I will be on Long Island. If you, Mr. FoxHoundNY want to call me a drug addict to my face, then I will meet you in any public place where witnesses are present. [email protected]. Set it up!

-I never called Pete "hated." I could not give a rat's bootie less about P.L. the man, the father, the person. In five years, I have never once attacked Peter LaBarbera as a person. Heck, i don't even follow some of my fellows in using terms like "porno Pete." That's because I care 100% about the work. And in my off-record conversations with "pro-family" types who I respect and even in some cases enjoy (even if I despise their work), more than a few from the "mainstream" groups have expressed to me that they will not run anything that comes from Pete/AFTAH. Some of them have said much more than that. And that kind of sentiment has increased in the past year or so. Deny that all that you want. Believe that all you want. Don't really care. It's simply true.

-I as a human being feel compelled to pause my life and fight to defend myself, my family, and my people against the attacks that people like Peter have self-appointedly waged against my civil rights. I walked away from a fun, rewarding, and much more stress-free career in the entertainment industry so that I could take on this fight. Because I felt like complacency was no longer an option. If one wants to call me obsessed, then go right ahead. But you will not say that I am the one who is "stalking" Peter Labarbera, when he, a straight-identified man, has taken it upon himself to use his day-to-day life to turn his personal faith into a weapon against my life and my love (and the associated rights thereof)!

-Cut out the personal attacks. They are unnecessary and mean-spiritied. Or don't cut them out and keep losing credibility -- no skin off my nose.


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