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HRC on Kagan: She'll keep the 'us' in SCOTUS

by Jeremy Hooper

KAganThis from the Human Rights Campaign:

WASHINGTON – The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, today hailed President Obama’s selection of United States Solicitor General Elena Kagan as the nominee for the opening on the United States Supreme Court created by the retirement of Justice John Paul Stevens.

“We applaud President Obama for choosing Elena Kagan to become our nation’s next U.S. Supreme Court Justice,” said Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign. “The U.S. Supreme Court decides cases that intimately affect the lives of all Americans. We are confident that Elena Kagan has a demonstrated understanding and commitment to protecting the liberty and equality of all Americans, including LGBT Americans.” [

Hmm. Okay. Though there's nothing in there about our number one desire for a SCOTUS nominee: Whether or not he or she knows of a very tantalizing outside business opportunity that will lure Scalia or Thomas off the bench.

But fingers crossed, both for a pro-equality Justice Kagan, and for the enduring success of Albuquerque, New Mexico's forthcoming underwear boutique: Antonin & Clarence's Slips and Briefs.


**MORE: Kagan is Obama's Pick [Metro Weekly]


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