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Our common sense is uncommon; yeah huh, NOM says so

by Jeremy Hooper

The National Organization For Marriage and like-minded allies are forever defending gay-ban-supporting Americans, amid claims that we LGBT activists write them all off as "bigots" or "haters." But what about that near-even split of the nation that already supports same-sex marriage? Why the double standard in terms of their treatment?

We ask after reading this statement from NOM prez Brian Brown:

WASHINGTON, DC - The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) President Brian Brown reacts to the victory of Charles Djou in Hawaii's special election with the following statement:

“Charles Djou's victory shows that when it comes to marriage there are no red or blue states, only Americans who believe in the common sense idea that marriage is the union of husband and wife. The National Organization for Marriage reached out to 100,000 likely primary voters in the last days of the campaign to inform Hawaii voters that Charles Djou would protect the people's right to vote for marriage. Djou is the first GOP Congressman to be elected from the district in 20 years, and he defeated two openly pro-gay marriage candidates. Djou is Hawaii's Scott Brown. He won because he refused to concede that a seat in Congress belongs to any politician or political party. It's the people's seat and the people of Hawaii have once again spoken for marriage."

Djou Election Big Victory for Marriage [NOM]

Just look at the first line of the statement. Essentially Brian is saying that those Americans who are already fully in favor of gay citizens' right to equal recognition -- a healthy 44% (with 3% undecided) according to Gallup's latest -- are showing a lack of common sense. Sorry, but to those of us who pride ourselves on our sensible ability to assess the natural realm in which we all collectively live, that is much more offensive than being called a "hater"! Especially when it comes from a group that's redefined truth so that it's a mere suggestion, weakened minority rights so that they're now vulnerable to majority oppression, and forever altered the once fun concept of "nom" (om, nom, nom, nom, nom) so that it's less the thing of "Sesame Street" and more the thing of "Same-Sex Dead Ends"!

And the thing is: Those who do express heated rage at the Maggie Gallaghers of the world are doing so because the biased babies birthed by their side has ripped so many holes in so many hearts. But what excuse does Brian Brown even have for rhetorically slighting large swaths of the population? The only thing that marriage equality supporters have done is look beyond the spin and come to a place of acceptance for their gay and lesbian neighbors. These supporters might be active, or they may be passive. Their support might be staunch, or it could be tenuous. The reasons might be humane (love), or they might be opportunistic (more open bars). None of that matters! What matters is that for whatever reason, many residents within this fine collection of nation-states that we call America have come around to peace. Seven states and one prominent jurisdiction have done the same, with five of those states resisting NOM's own efforts to remove the civil fairness. How dare the NOMmers say this picture runs contrary to common sense?!

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