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Poll: 13 points in 6 years: Father Time proving to be Maryland's best activist

by Jeremy Hooper

And now, polling data that should care the bejesus out of Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, or any other person who makes a living misconstruing the words "protect" and "traditional" and "family" so that are used as weapons agains gay peoples' civil equality. The state up for discussion is Maryland:

(*RV means registered voter)
Screen Shot 2010-05-11 At 8.33.45 Am-1
Poll Data [WaPo]
(H/t: Towle)

So we hold a larger percentage in terms of a pro-equality state law, and we hold bona fide majorities in terms of overturning DOMA so that there can be marriage reciprocity within all fifty of our states. And we also know that young people are with us on this could-be, should-be non-issue in major (and growing) numbers.

It's kind of like sitting at a bus stop and seeing the vehicle in the horizon, yet having to wait because some of the local neighborhood roustabouts decided to play a game of political football in the streets. We all know we'll get to our destination eventually, but the needless holdup is simply galling.

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