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Video: A certain FLOTUS is clearly itchin' for Dallas pride invites

by Jeremy Hooper

Marriage equality is inevitable. The debate surrounding same-sex marriage does, in fact, have a tendency to denigrate people, despite the way civil fairness' opponents (including George W. Bush) try to position their stance as nothing more than "protection." And the whole thing is basically generational, so by the time Jenna Bush and Chelsea Clinton fulfill their family's destinies in an inevitable presidential matchup, the only family bonds being questioned are the ones that keep putting same-named citizens in high office.

Today on Fox News, former FLOTUS Laura Bush continued her post-White House, post-Rovian tour of LGBT love:

Weird that she won't come out against DADT, though. That issue has conservative roots that go back beyond Goldwater, for Gop's sake! One would think that if she's willing to tie a gold ban around gays' fingers, she'd be willing to tie a yellow ribbon around the oak tree outside a proud PFLAG mom's home.

Eh, maybe she's saving that one for Nancy Reagan.

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