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Because AIDS makes some 'traditionalists' hard

by Jeremy Hooper

Here is how a person using the handle "Lord Basil" describes his or her blog's overall mission:

I am a traditionalist - a HARD traditionalist. HARD traditionalists are the only ones who understand what American freedom is, as described by the founding fathers, and are willing to fight and possibly die to make sure it continues. Because America is a such an exceptional nation- created in God's image - other countries will naturally grow to resent and hate us, and try to destroy us, either directly through military action, or indirectly, by bringing in foreign ideas like socialism, fascism (or both), environmentalism, atheism, and homosexuality. HARD traditionalists will fight to the death to keep any of these toxic ideas from taking root.
Hard Traditionalist Blog

This is how this same person comments on our site:


This is how one stops "toxic ideas": By slighting both gays, people with AIDS, and the very nature of disease in one handy acronym?

Forgive us, Lord Basil -- but we'll stick with "traditionalists" who are more sage.

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