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Video: Brian Brown sounds defeated. Yet oddly sticking to very dissimulations that got him there

by Jeremy Hooper

Personally, we prefer our web chat. But if you want another view of Brian Brown spinning his way to discrimination justification, check out this new CBN piece:

Alright, so let's look at the two arguments that Brian says are the strongest:

(1) "The voters have the right to have their say"? A complete red herring! Because in every instance where a vote is held, and especially in a direct ballot initiative state like California, these votes have to be in line with the law. The argument in the current case is that while this vote, even if technically kosher in terms of signature gathering and lever-pulling, is simply un-American and thoroughly unconstitutional! An unequal violation of rights. And if our side is right about this, then this trumps "the voters' right" to use majority opinion to overturn a minority sect's civil rights! Period. End of this ignoble story.

(2) "The notion of religious liberty -- Christianity is being put on trial"? Complete load of caca! Just like he did yesterday, Brian is trying to spin this around so that it sounds like gay people are demanding that people of faith, in general, and Christians, in particular, put their religion in the closet. But nothing could be further from the truth! What we are really saying is that American people do not have the right to use their personal religious beliefs to deny CIVIL marriage equality. That's it! Frankly, most on the pro-LGBT side could not care less about our opposition's personal praying. It's the preying, dear Brian, that we will not tolerate!

Brian is right that it doesn't matter, technically, what drove voters to the polls (*at least on a personal level -- see comments section). Faith, equality, senility that led the voter to believe he or she was at a slot machine in Atlantic City -- whatever. However, when the conversation moves from the polls and into the court, and when the lawyers from Christian-allied firms like the Alliance Defense Fund use arguments involving procreation, morality, Judeo-Christian marriage roots, or the supposed ability of gays to "change" (all of which were used), our side ABSOLUTELY has the right (responsibility?) to shoot these lines downs! Because the truth is that NO GAY ACTIVIST -- NO. GAY. ACTIVIST! -- is trying to force Christians to accept same-sex marriage, working to force faith leaders to marry same-sex couples, or in any way demand that churches honor gay unions. Those decisions are up to individual faith denominations, and that kind of advocacy, if it's to happen at all, must happen from within the individual churches. The only matter we care about in this Prop 8 case is *CIVIL* law and gay citizens' right to love under it. THAT is what the Prop 8 crowd put on trial back in November of 2008. We're now demanding that they answer for it!! Unapologetically so.

So if these are Brian and Company's two strongest arguments, then awesome! Frankly, we're sick of having to repeat ourselves in order to quiet the broken record that is NOM's Greatest Hits collection.

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